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13 Badass Skullet Haircuts for Men in 2021 – The Trend Spotter

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Skullet Haircut
A skullet is not a look that you’re bound to see often, and that’s because it takes some serious confidence to pull off a cut this daring. The style is a mixture between a mullet and a look that focuses on your skull; hence the name, with the sides and top often shaven. You may have seen it on Australian rules footballer Dustin Martin or rugby player Jai Arrow who seem to be breathing some new life into this controversial and hard-to-pull-off style. Not all skullets are the same, and there are various ways to wear them. We can agree that you will get a lot of attention, but it shouldn’t matter to you whether it’s positive or not.
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The skullet is not your typical hairstyle, and it won’t suit every person or lifestyle. It is a mixture of the terms skull and mullet and defined by the short or shaven top and sides, with length in the back. Not to be confused with a mullet, which typically has more hair on top, the skullet has a long history. It was worn by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century and is reported to have roots in some Native American tribes. It can have a practical purpose, keeping the neck warm and protected from the elements. In modern times, there are multiple options to choose from, all of which have a rebellious feel to them and are a way to express creativity. It takes a lot of confidence to pull off and is not among the most mainstream or flattering haircuts, although the individual who rocks it shouldn’t care.
Skullet Hairstyle
The skullet hairstyle is somewhere between a mullet and a look that highlights your skull, hence the name. It is undoubtedly not something that just anyone can pull off, but one of the more badass options is opting for a skullet with a clean shave. One of the many pros to a shaved head is that it is low maintenance. It can make you look younger, and it can highlight your head shape. You also get to save money on hair products, which is an obvious pro. For an even more epic look, it helps if you have a head tattoo. Perhaps something Viking-inspired or a symbol that moves you. There is no doubt that this look will make people want to avoid messing with you because it creates a tough appearance.
Scullet With Clean Shave
If you have opted for a head tattoo, then you probably didn’t go through all that pain for nothing. You want to show it off, and although most people would prefer a shaved head, some people find a happy medium somewhere in between, and thus, the skullet is born. It’s sort of like a mullet but with shaved sides and top, making for an unusual, rebellious appearance. Getting inked with something meaningful can show off your personality and is a great way to express yourself. With a skullet, you never have to cover it up and can wear it with confidence. That is the great thing about the cut. It is highly adaptable and can be worn shaved at the top or kept short for a look that suits you and your needs best.
Scullet With Head Tattoo
You’re not going to see a skullet with a line-up haircut too often, but when you do, it will be hard to look away. The hairstyle, which is also called a shape-up or edge-up, is defined by cutting straight lines or sharp edges along the natural hairline. It demands attention because of the unusual patterns. To enhance the look, why not leave your hair long in the back for a modern approach to the skullet. There is no doubt that this is an edgy option that takes confidence to pull off, but it is also surprisingly versatile and will work with several hair textures. If you prefer blending into the crowd rather than standing out, then this is not the look for you.
Scullet With Line Up
Opting for a skullet with a skin fade haircut is a less extreme way to try out this controversial hairstyle. While clean-shaved heads draw attention to the contrasts between the back and the front of your head, this option is much more wearable. If you are daring enough to try out a skullet, this may be the best option to ease into the look and see if it’s for you. Skin fades are cuts that are defined by being longer on the top and eventually gradually fade to no hair on the sides and the back of the neck. It is considered a sleek haircut and allows you to experiment with various options to create a polished appearance. The addition of the length in the back makes this not your typical skin fade.
Skullet With Skin Fade
There are few colors as striking as bright blonde hair, and if you want a look that is bound to get attention, then a skullet with bleached hair is the choice for you. The color is so bold that it will highlight your haircut, further showing off your style. It is also reminiscent of Eminem in the 90s and has an effortlessly cool element to it, without trying. There are, of course, some downsides to getting this color. For starters, it is expensive and will need to be touched up often. The light locks also require more maintenance and often a special kind of purple shampoo to remove brassy tones. Plus, a good conditioner will go a long way to maintain a healthy head of hair.
Skullet With Bleached Hair
A skullet is even more prominent if you have curly hair because the difference in textures from a shaven head to a curly style in the back is quite evident. There are many pros to having curly locks, including the fact that it is visible and complements many styles. Still, there are also cons, such as requiring special shampoos, having the potential to knot or tangle, and it can go frizzy in warm, humid weather. To enhance your curls, work in some curl-defining product and embrace the fact that your hair is basically a party in the back.
Skullet With Curly Hair
There is no denying that the skullet is not for everyone, but a pro of this cut is that it is quite versatile and easy to customize. A modern approach would be to wear it with a fade hairstyle; this is less dramatic and not as exaggerated as opting for a clean shave. Fades are defined by how the hair gets shorter around the back and ears. There are many different ways to wear it, but it is a cut that is masculine and often practical. It can also be done with multiple hair types, from straight to curly. You can dye your skullet for a more dramatic look, creating a sort of two-tone effect with your natural regrowth.
Skullet With Fade
Facial hair can have a very masculine appearance, but opting for a horseshoe mustache is a very bold choice. It is not your standard shape. Instead, it represents the U-shape of a horseshoe, hence the name. You may have seen this look on Hulk Hogan or a biker gang member, and it has a very defiant appearance. It is defined by the vertical extensions on the corners and works surprisingly well with all hair types, including thick or thin. For an even more daring look, you can pair your mustache with a skullet hairstyle. The result will not suit everyone and won’t be suitable in various settings, but it can say a lot about your attitude and how you don’t mind taking risks.
Skullet With Horseshoe Moustache
If edgy or risky are descriptions that appeal to you, look no further than a skullet with long hair. This interesting cut is not a mainstream or incredibly popular option and is instead reserved for those who want something different. Is it easy to pull off? No. Do you look effortlessly stylish? Probably not. But it is an option that shows you’re an individual who either doesn’t care what people think, or perhaps you are interested in a specific subculture like punk or grunge. The pros of having long hair with this cut are that it is more versatile in styling. You can also frequent the hairdresser less often.
Skullet With Long Hair
If you’re going to pick a hairstyle that is as daring as the skullet, then you are going to get noticed. So, you may as well fully commit to turning heads and embrace bold colors. Opting for bright-colored hair is a great way to express yourself and show off the fun side of your personality. Vivid shades tend to work best when applied to light hair. It is costly, can fade quickly, and it will highlight if your locks are in poor condition. For this reason, only those with the healthiest hair should dare to try out this option. Your choice of colors can also say a lot about your personality, and someone who opts for bright locks tends to have a unique sense of style, doesn’t mind people looking in their direction, and is not one to blend into the crowd.
Skullet With Rainbow Colored Hair
If you are a man who oozes confidence, doesn’t mind people looking, or rather staring at him, and wants a daring hairstyle, then the skullet is for you. The great thing about the style is that it can work with several different hair textures, from curly to sleek. There are some pros to having straight hair. This includes the fact that it tends to reflect light, giving it that glossy, shiny appearance. It is also easier to grow long and is often more hydrated than some other textures. It may also be easier to maintain, requiring little product, and is typically not as difficult to brush or comb. Although straight hair suits most hairstyles, this is likely one of the boldest options you will choose.
Skullet With Straight Hair
If you want facial hair with a very rugged, masculine feel, then a mutton chop beard is a great choice. It is a style that has withstood the test of time and has gone through moments of popularity. For example, with Elvis Presley and, more recently, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. There are many different ways to wear mutton chops, too, some neat and others wilder. If you want to balance your skullet, a more tame, groomed look is the best option. This can be achieved by not letting it get too bushy and regularly trimming the sides. Although it appears as though this look takes no practice at all to maintain, it does.
Scullet With Mutton Chops
The term skullet is a mixture of two words, mullet and skull. Unlike the traditional mullet, this cut is a balance between long and short hair. It is kept short or clean-shaven on the top and long in the back. It can work with a variety of different hair textures, including curly or straight. The origin of the skullet can be traced back hundreds of years and was reported to be worn by some Native American tribes and Americans founding father, Benjamin Franklin. Although the style may appeal to an individual who wants to express themselves, it is not considered mainstream or particularly flattering.
The difference between a skullet and a mullet is that a mullet tends to have hair on the top of the head, while a skullet is clean-shaven or has a short style on top. The term is a mixture of the words mullet and skull and should indicate what it looks like. The cut is also riskier than a mullet and not as easy to pull off.
Australian rules footballer Dustin Martin has created a resurgence of popularity for the skullet. His particular cut is defined by the fade or crew cut at the top so that it would be referred to as crew cut skullet. Although it is not a look that appeals to the mainstream and won’t suit everyone, Martin shows that it can be a good alternative for individuals who want something daring.
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