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Bald & Beautiful? Gail Mabalane talks about hair loss in new series [watch] – The South African

Image via Twitter
Actress Gail Mabalane has revealed what led to her dramatic hair loss, and how she managed to treat it in her new YouTube series…
Image via Twitter
Gail Mabalane is spoken candidly about an issue many women are too embarrassed to discuss: Hair loss.
The soapie actress – who is married to South African singer and motivational speaker Kabelo Mabalane – opened up about her own experience in her new YouTube channel in an episode called My Hair Journey: Part One.
The Blood & Water star – who is now known for her trademark pixie cut – reveals that the look came to be, not out of her own choice, but as a result of a high maintenance hairstyle which took a toll on her scalp.
Gail Mabalane was filming a role which required her to have the same look for a long period of time. The star chose an up-do, a faux bun, which was attached to her own hair, that was gelled back with a very strong product.
After some time, the style caused untold damage on the star’s hairline.
Speaking to the camera, Gail recalled how the horrific incident played out at the salon.
“I remember her taking it [the hair extension off]. It literally felt like it broke off. The top of my hair literally came off with the hair extension.
“I remember seeing the expression on the lady who washed my hair’s face, the panic. I could tell from her body language, her expression, her energy that something was wrong”.
Then came the hairstylist, who was petrified to deliver the bad news.
“I remained calm, but looking back I think I was in shock. I didn’t expect to see what I saw
Gail likened the bald spot she saw in a mirror to a “shiny red tomato”. 
“The day you go bald, you will know because you will feel it”.
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Following the disastrous incident, Gail Mabalane confessed to going through a period of “self-medicating” where she experimented with a number of hair growth remedies, including considering Bob Martin tablets!
“Prayer was my daily bread. Every pastor I got into contact with was like please just lay your hands [on me]. ‘Do you have anointing oil?’. [I would ask] ‘Yes do that’.
It didn’t help though, she admits.
“The patch went from the size of a tomato to a spanspek and I realised that something was wrong.”
Gail then sought the advice of a dermatologist who diagnosed her with alopecia, a common form of hair loss, particularly found in black women.
And the diagnosis marked a profound moment for the mom of two.
“This was bigger than me losing my hair…I knew I had to cut it, and I knew I had to be public about it.”
“I knew that this was a sensitive conversation for women, but also a necessary one, and I really wanted to create a platform where we as women can come together and talk about. 
“And that’s why I decided to start this little mini-series”.
We can’t wait to see what Part Two has in store!
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