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Love Island: Cashay Explains Why She Shaved Her Long Hair & Went Bald – Screen Rant

Cashay Proudfoot revealed why she shaved her hair and went bald. Find out how the Love Island USA season 3 star has been redefining beauty standards.
Love Island USA star Cashay Proudfoot has opened up about the reasons why she shaved her long hair and started to proudly rock a bald head. Cash introduced herself to the Love Island fans as a confident woman who believed in her beauty with and without hair. Aside from Cashay’s undeniable star quality and ultra-energetic charisma, the viewers were also immediately drawn to her backstory and confidence. It didn’t take long for Cash to be a fan-favorite among most viewers.
Unfortunately, however, Cash’s journey on Love Island USA season 3 wasn’t all that easy. Overall, Cashay had to go through a lot of back and forth with Cinco a.k.a. Melvin Holland Jr. Things then became even more complicated when Trina Njoroge found herself catching feelings for Cinco as well. In the end, all three of them were eliminated from the show at different points in time. Now, Cash and Cinco are reportedly dating, and they’re both thankfully on great terms with Trina as a friend.
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Recently, an Instagram fan asked Cashay why she was unable to grow long hair on her head, and the Love Island USA star wrote back a brilliant and inspiring response to the fan (screenshots below). “I can have long hair,” Cash clarified, “I just shaved it because I found myself so connected to my hair that it was to a point I couldn’t do anything unless my hair looked a certain way.” Cash, who’s dating Love Island co-star Cinco, added that she didn’t feel beautiful unless she could fix her hair. Therefore, shaving it off was how Cash reclaimed her power and redefined her beauty standards. “Beauty is more than hair or makeup or a nice outfit, it really is who you are to a core and that shines through,” Cashay explained.
Lots of fans went on to like Cashay’s response to this fan. Many viewers didn’t know the full story behind Cash’s decision to shave her hair, but she’s now provided a beautiful in-depth explanation that resonated with many people. Overall, Cashay continues to be an inspirational reality TV superstar who keeps on growing on social media. Cash and Cinco’s post-Love Island relationship continues to blossom and fans are certainly keeping up with each new update that comes from them. Many women also seem to be inspired by Cashay breaking free from traditional standards of beauty imposed by society. One can expect this latest response from Cash to inspire her fans even further.
The post-season of Love Island USA season 3 has been very eventful. Thankfully, Cash appears to be having a much easier time than she experienced in the villa. Regardless of whether or not things work out between her and Cinco, Cashay has been thriving after the show.
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Source: Cashay Proudfoot/Instagram
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