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Nomuzi 'Moozlie' Mabena on her hair journey: "I definitely built a solid career on my bald hairstyle" – News24

Thursday, 09 September
02 Sep
For years, a bald hairstyle had been rapper and media personality, Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena’s signature look. But as her career advanced, so did her look.
Nowadays, Moozlie experiments with all types of hairstyles including weaves, sleek pixies and even braids. One thing’s for sure, she looks good in absolutely anything.

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She tells TRUELOVE all about her hair journey.
What is your hair philosophy?
Do whatever YOU want! Your hair priorities should be that its healthy and feeling good.
Looking back on your hair journey, which hairstyle would you say is your favourite and why?
Probably my super low brush cut which I branded as bald for years. I definitely built a solid career on that hairstyle, which is ironic because I didn’t even have much hair. My fans and followers are obsessed with the short hair too.

What was your worst hair experience?
Just after high school, I had this teased-beehive situation that I was obsessed with. It was terrible! But I’m so glad that I can laugh about it now. I was shaved around the sides and the back. The middle had tracks that I would tease like crazy. I’d then comb it all out into this hump-like shape then finally do a little plate at the end almost like Cassper Nyovest. It was hilarious but I’m proud of how individualistic I’ve always been.

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What is your current hair regimen?
My own hair is back at the low brush cut, and I get it cut weekly. I wear a lot of lace front wigs which I get installed as I need.

What do you think your current hairstyle says about you?
I’m currently wearing this big Afro wig which is coming soon to Hair Majesty By DJ Zinhle. It screams “BEAUTY” and even though it is a wig, it has this natural serene vibe to it.  It’s fire, I’m obsessed!

What do you enjoy most about getting your hair done?

Looking good at the end. As a person that has naturally short hair, I’m not really into getting my hair done for long periods of time. When getting my hair cut, I do enjoy the wash and scalp massage; that feels amazing, but it’s definitely all about looking good for me.
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