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Rowan Blanchard's New Red Hair Color Just Made Us Do a Double Take – POPSUGAR

A post shared by Rowan Blanchard (◕‿◕)🌹 (@rowanblanchard)
Rowan Blanchard debuted an all-new hairstyle on Instagram, and it’s so good we had to do a double take. The Girl Meets World alum shared a bare-faced selfie on Sept. 7 showing off her bright-red, wavy hair with blunt bangs and streaks of her naturally dark hair color showing throughout.
The actress previously wore her hair in a dark shag haircut, and she’s one of many celebrities who’ve taken part in the red hair-color trend that’s swept Hollywood this summer. Stars like Gigi Hadid, Ciara, and Dua Lipa all stepped out with different variations of red hair over the last few months, from Ciara’s rusty red color to Hadid’s Queen’s Gambit-inspired fiery orange. While we’re going to take a wild guess and say that Blanchard’s new look is likely the work of a wig, the color is super flattering on her, and we’re not surprised to see that she’s the latest one to follow the trend.
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