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'The opposite of fashion week': First ever 'Bald Fest' hits NYC – New York Post

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Hairless is more.
Gotham denizens will revel in their lack of locks this month during New York City’s first-ever “Bald Fest” — a bacchanal for shorn scalps and those who love them.
“Bald Fest is a celebration of owning your own fate,” organizer Rami Even-Esh told The Post, saying all would be welcome. “People who are losing hair, receding hair, bald, Alopecia, bald allies and bald-owned businesses.”
Even-Esh, a 40-year-old Brooklyn-based rapper who goes by the name Kosha Dillz, said he viewed the event as a way to lampoon the city’s stuffy fashion week, which will take over more well-heeled portions of the city later this month.
“It’s the opposite of fashion week,” Even-Esh said. “Bald fest will celebrate the things people don’t have — which is hair.”
An estimated 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States suffer some degree of hair loss, according to the United States National Library of Medicine.
The festival will mark National Bald is Beautiful Day on the evening of Sept. 13 at Brooklyn’s legendary underground Rubulad club.
The venue space doesn’t have an official public location and anyone looking to attend can only get the address after buying an $18 ticket from their website. Any profits will go toward Haitian earthquake relief, organizers said. Even-Esh says he’ll have space for hundreds.
Tickets will also be sold at the door. Anyone who happens to show up and is willing to have their head shaved by an on-site barber will be granted free access.
Events on tap include bald musical performances and bald poetry readings and even a “bald mitzvah” — complete with yarmulkes — which will “celebrate a man coming into his own and becoming bald.”
Entertainment will include a roster of semi-notable bald performers in New York City including street acrobats Tic and Tac. Instagram influencer Nicholas Heller (aka New York Nico) will be on hand for bald trivia as well. Attendees can also expect to leave with an ample supply of free Bic razors.
“I am new to all this. I shaved my head. I was balding,” Heller told The Post, saying he typically wore a hat and struggled with “bald pride” in the past. “Maybe this is my opportunity to really embrace it and lose the hat for a little while.”
“Everyone goes bald. It’s a good way to bring everyone together. Bald solidarity,” Even-Esh said.
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