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Was Elon Musk Bald? Plastic Surgeon Talks Tesla CEO's Hair Changes – Market Realist

Sep. 1 2021, Published 2:42 p.m. ET
If you’ve seen Elon Musk’s 1999 interview with CNN or that AP photo of him and Peter Thiel during their days, you might be wondering if Musk is bald underneath that seemingly full head of hair. After all, the billionaire’s hairline certainly did seem to be receding around the turn of the millennium.
According to some surgeons, Musk likely had a hair transplant. In fact, hair transplant specialist Dr. Jeffrey Epstein told Page Six Style in 2018 that it was “highly, highly likely” the Tesla CEO had undergone hair transplant surgery. “I mean, he had a Class III to Class IV hair loss pattern [out of the seven classes of the Norwood Scale] and he now shows no evidence, at least in the front, of any hair loss.” Epstein added.
Elon Musk in 1999
Epstein explained to the tabloid that Musk previously had “the Prince William look,” or “significant frontal thinning with recession.” In Epstein’s estimation, Musk likely underwent two hair transplant procedures, which could have cost the SpaceX founder as much as $30,000.
But the doctor also said that Musk got a “a good result.” “Offhand, you wouldn’t know that it was done,” he added. “But when you’re in the business, you know what to look for.”
Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi also believes Musk went under the knife for his full head of hair. “There is no other technique or treatment that could bring a Class III or IV (in Norwood), such as in Elon Musk’s case, back to a solid hairline that I have ever seen in my practice as a hair transplant surgeon,” Mohebi blogged last year.
Pop star Robbie Williams told talk show host Graham Norton in 2014 that he got a hair transplant around his hairline. “I didn’t even need it. That’s the weirdest thing,” he added. “I had, like, three months off. I got bored. And I was like, oh, I’ll go in.”
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And in 2013, Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean showed off the results of his hair transplant on Instagram. “Some girls get [their] boobs done, some guys get ab implants, all to make them happy!” he wrote in the caption. “This was the one thing I did, and I couldn’t be happier.”
That same year, fellow boy-bander Joey Fatone of NSYNC fame gave a testimonial for hair transplant company Bosley. “I tell anyone else out there concerned about hair loss that Bosley worked for me and it’ll work for them,” Fatone said. “Hey, if you have something about yourself you don’t like, you change it.”
Finally, in a 2008 TV interview, Monty Python actor John Cleese said he got a hair transplant that involved removing two strips of hair from the back of his head, cutting them into hundreds of pieces, and then putting those pieces back on his pate. “I have got a very strange shaped skull, very pointy … and I don’t like wearing wigs,” he added, reports Digital Spy.
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