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What You Need To Know About The Hime Haircut Trend – BuzzFeed

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This style has truly taken over social media. Just skim the hashtags #hime or #himecut on Instagram and TikTok! It’s similar to a mullet, defined by long hair in the back with blunt side sections in the front. Fringes are optional but very common.
When they turned 20, noblewomen during the Heian period would have the front part of their hair cut during binsogi, a ceremony that commemorates coming of age.
Obviously, anime characters have many different types of hairstyles! But the cut has recently been associated with the gambling anime Kakegurui, in which student Yumeko Jabami wears the style prominently. The anime first dropped in 2017 but it’s clear that Yumeko’s hair is still making an impact!
“In a broader sense, I think a lot of people are just really excited about getting interesting haircuts after a year in lockdown,” Gibson explained to W Magazine. “We often see interesting haircuts happen after key moments in history — daringly short hair for women in the 1920s after the First World War, punk cuts in the 1970s.”
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It’s a good idea to consult a hair professional, though.
You only live once, and hair grows back!
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