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Darrel Starkey AW Trends 2021 – Concept Hair

AW2021 is completely different to the season we’ve seen in the past.
Following 18 months of closures, no appointments and clients left to detox from hair colour, they are now ready to make each season spectacular and ready to embrace something new.
Unlike the bright and bold creative colours we’ve saw throughout the first half of the year, clients will get a little more creative in a much more subtle and muted way. The new trends is all down to the creative techniques used to create these gorgeous looks.
For all the blondes out there, Butterscotch blonde is the go to colour for AW21.
Soft, subtle and so incredibly beautiful, this colour is made for those looking for a brighter colour without the bold vibrancy seen in the rainbow shades.
This is a very commercial colour and is fully bespoke to the client and their complexion, and can be applied using several techniques such as freehand, highlights and even balayage for those looking for something a little bit different.
We love nothing more than rich, red shades in autumn/winter and this is no different in 2021. Subtle cinnamon is already hugely popular as we approach the new season, and is a darkened take on the original cinnamon colour.
Still vibrant and rich, the colour is broken up using two different shades of cinnamon in order to give a two dimensional feel. The colour is full of warmth and is a real statement look.
We look back to the 70’s once again this year, with the introduction of the 70’s flick fringes in addition to these gorgeous colours.
The flick fringe is something so simple that can completely transform a style, and even take the look from day to night. This is a great way to introduce a client to the fringe, without going for a heavy, full fringe.
Short hair is back and I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT!
The perfect pixie will be huge for autumn and even more so as we approach winter.
Short, sharp and defined lines will be trending with hair slightly heavier on the top section to give the client a little more texture and freedom to create their own, bespoke look.
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As summer fades into the distance, our attention now turns to Autumn Winter 2021 and the trends which are set to take the hairdressing industry by storm.
Frizz is a great concern due to the contrast of temperatures and our job is to protect hair against frizz.
Kim Jones won the Scholarship, run in association with Sassoon Academy and the Fellowship for British Hairdressing and sponsored by Denman, in 2020 but has only now been able to take part due to covid restrictions.
Influencers and educators are two very important groups within the hairdressing industry and in many different sectors too.
August is hair loss awareness month and it’s so important that we as an industry pay attention and do our best to continue raising awareness.
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