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Drake supposedly has a new hairstyle and we need answers – Dazed

As we’re only four days into 2021, the pain of 2020 is still fresh in our minds. And, like the COVID-19 crisis, the chaos of last year seems to be continuing on this year too. Enter exhibit A: Drake’s supposed new hairstyle. 
You may have seen the above image circulating social media over the weekend, showing Drake sporting a side swoop à la Justin Bieber circa 2010. Like the TikTokers bringing back scene culture, celebrating the RAWRing 20s, he has a bleached heart in the front. The rapper recently shaved a heart into his head to promote his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy
Now, we know what you’re thinking, this can’t be real. For now, it’s a mystery. Some say that the rapper shared the selfie on his close friends on Instagram and it was later leaked. Others claim it’s just Photoshop or a filter. Either way, it’s obviously sparked a tonne of memes. 
Scroll through some of ours faves while listening to TikTok’s bad haircut anthem, “Not the Bayang”. 
Drake said “RAWR XD”
3 days into 2021 and Drake out here looking like a member of Big Time Rush
why drake giving nene leakes with this hair…
Drake got that 2010 Justin Bieber hair LMAOO
Drake got the Rawr I’m a dinosaur fade


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