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Lucifer’s Mazikeen, also known as Maze, has some killer outfits in the series, but she also has some great hair. Here are her best hairstyles.
Lucifer is the title character of the hit series, and he is known not only for always being impeccably dressed but also for his always perfectly coiffed head of hair. But when it comes to hairstyles, however, he may find a rival in his demon friend, Mazikeen.
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While Mazikeen has had some great outfits on Lucifer, what is most compelling about the character’s outward appearance is how effortlessly (and frequently) she changed her hairstyle. Mazikeen changed her hairstyle often, it was something fans looked forward to from one episode to the next. In some cases, she even sported very different hairstyles in the same episode. There was plenty of creativity and style when it came to how Mazikeen decided to do her hair on Lucifer, and oftentimes, it mirrored her mood or what she was doing.
There are only certain types of people who can truly pull off bangs, and Maze is one of them. Not only that, but she pulls off the fringe here as part of a full-on bob, and it’s a gorgeous strawberry blonde color.
Reminiscent of a style that has been seen on everyone from Sia to Halle Berry, the slightly tousled look totally fits Maze’s rebellious personality. Combined with the choker and the devilish smirk, it’s perfectly her.
This angry look combined with the hairstyle is perfectly Maze. Rather than tie her hair up in two side buns, the more common version of this look, Maze shaped her up-did buns to look like devil horns.
It looked like just a playful hairstyle, but to anyone who truly knew Maze, it was an accurate representation of her allegiance since she was a demon. While Mazikeen wasn’t a celestial on Lucifer, with a name that had divine meaning, her name literally does mean “those who do harm.”
A braid is such a simple way of styling hair that can be made to look casual or completely elegant. Maze manages to accomplish the latter by combining it with a freshly made-up face, complete with dark red lipstick. Add the gold earrings and necklace and black dressy top as well as the red nails, and this is a night-on-the-town look.
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The hair is what really pulls this together and it’s a half French braid with the bottom half of her hair flowing freely down her back.
This longer, dark-toned bob perfectly contrasts the blonder, shorter and more innocent-looking bob Maze sports earlier on in the show. This was Maze’s look to show her allegiance to Lucifer and Chloe, and the fact that she was ready to fight for him.
It’s fitting that she wore this hairstyle when uttering her final line of the fifth season of Lucifer: “Fight!” commencing the battle against Michael for Lucifer to become God. The look matches Maze’s demon roots, implying darkness and brooding, as she used all of her devilish skills in an all-out war.
It makes sense that Maze would look like a soccer mom who had just been to the salon for her annual cut and blow-out in this photo since it was during a time when Maze had left Los Angeles for Canada in an attempt to find herself (and a dangerous bounty).
Maze was contemplating leaving her complicated life behind and “settling down” for a life on the run, so the perfectly combed and styled do makes sense during this time of self-reflection.
Maze straightened her hair in this scene, which also looks slightly layered. Maze sometimes wore her hair curly or wavy and messy, but when hanging with the girls, her hairstyle often reflected her efforts to show a softer side to better relate to them.
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This is exactly the case here, as Maze wears not only softer tones in her make-up and clothing, but opts for a softer, more natural look.
It’s not only the adorable smile that gives Maze a sweet and innocent look here, it’s her hair, parted in the middle with a slight wave that sits right below her shoulders. It’s a very average hairstyle that suggests Maze is wearing it in an attempt to fit in with humans.
There’s nothing remarkable about the hairstyle, which is precisely what makes it among Maze’s best. If she was trying to blend in here, it works, as no one suspected she was anything but a strong and confident bartender.
This tightly pulled up-do shows a bit of vulnerability, which makes sense since Maze wore this while singing to pour her soul out to Eve, declaring what turned out to be, at the time, her unrequited love. Their eventual romance, however, might be a pivotal storyline in season 6, with one Reddit theory about Lucifer predicting that Lucifer will give Maze her mother’s ring, not for Eve, but as a symbolic gesture to suggest that she is free to remain on Earth and pursue a life with her love.
The style is reminiscent of Gwen Stefani and her No Doubt look in the ’90s, which certainly included a persona with a lot of vulnerability. It’s clean, elegant, and completely contrary to Maze’s other looks.
It was a shock when Maze first emerged with these big and bold curls since fans had become so used to seeing her with straighter hair, either down on either side of her face, in an updo, or pulled back. It appears the actor who plays her, Lesley-Ann Brandt, might embrace the curly/wave look in her real life, as she rocks it in several photos on her Instagram account. In fact, she is one of the Lucifer cast members with the most Instagram followers.
As evidenced in her face, Maze was usually upset about something whenever she showed up in full, big curls. The hair swept to one side further shows off her emotional state, which is not ready for games but rather, all business.
Maze has very intricate hairstyles sometimes, like this one, which shows just one side of her hair in a perfect French braid down the side of her head. The rest of her hair, meanwhile, is swept to one side and sits in a blunt cut a few inches below her shoulders.
It’s a modern haircut that adds just a touch of rebellion and frames her face beautifully. Combined with the full-neck choker, it’s a look that suggests playful and fun in one way, and ready for business in another.
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