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That Bald Jon Moxley Photo You've Seen Isn't Real – TheSportster

Jon Moxley has shaved his head, he just hasn’t changed up his look quite as drastically as has been done in the edited viral photo.
A photo of Jon Moxley with a shaved head sent wrestling Twitter into a frenzy over the weekend but turns out it isn’t real.
WWE Superstars have to get permission from higher-ups if they’re going to drastically alter their appearance. Whether it be a new tattoo or a change in hairstyle, making a tweak will mean you no longer look like your action figure, or match up with the way you look in the latest video game. Shaving your head without talking to Vince McMahon first could potentially land you in hot water.
That might be why Jon Moxley waited until now to shave his head. A photo of Moxley with no hair and a very bushy beard did the rounds on Twitter over the weekend and it got fans talking. However, even though Moxley does appear to have given himself a trim, the photo fans have been reacting to is an old one that has been edited.
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Inside The Ropes’ Gary Cassidy posted a side-by-side of the bald photo and the original. The original, which you can see below on the right, was taken a few months ago. Moxley’s hair has been removed and seemingly added to the bottom of his beard, resulting in the edited photo that has since gone viral online.
ProWresMark has revealed themselves to be the one who made the edit. However, they admitted to using FaceApp rather than having what looked like some serious editing skills. All of that said, Moxley does appear to have celebrated the arrival of his daughter with a haircut. Mox briefly removed his cap during a New Japan appearance at the weekend, showing what seems to be a shaved but not entirely bald head.
Traditionally in wrestling, when someone was considering losing their hair, it provided the perfect opportunity to have a hair versus hair match. Kurt Angle having his head shaved by Edge being one of the more famous examples. Angle liked the look so much he never went back. In fairness to AEW, Mox isn’t exactly in a feud right now where inserting that sort of gimmick match would make much sense.
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Vince McMahon’s on-screen character has elements of the real-life man and a heel promo from 2007 is relevant today with recent NXT changes.
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