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Learn how an Edinburgh beautician tattoos hair back onto bald heads – Edinburgh News

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Scalp Scotland is an expert micropigmentation business near Edinburgh Waverley offering ‘live changing’ results for customers who are insecure about losing their hair.
Owner Christine Alison, 45, told the Evening News how this treatment works.
“The treatment is completed over three sessions a few weeks apart,” she said. “There are over 2000 hairs to every square inch of hair so we tattoo thousands of tiny dots on the scalp, matching the client’s natural hair follicle colour and hair density.
“When done on this scale it will look like the client has a full head of hair if the person were to wear it in a shaved head style.
Alternatively, scalp micropigmentation can also be used to give the look of thicker hair, by decreasing the contrast between scalp and hair for both men and women who have thinning hair.”
Ms Alison said she is honoured to be able to help her customers, many of who leave her salon with renewed confidence in their appearance.
“I feel honoured every time a client chooses me to carry out their SMP treatment.” she said.
“It is a real privilege to be part of their journey, working with them to restore confidence that hair loss has taken from them.
“Some of my clients started losing their hair in their teens so have been hiding under hats, hair fibres for years. Or have invested thousands in a hair transplant for little to no results, so to see the transformation not only in appearance, but confidence from consultation to final session is truly one of the most rewarding feelings.”
One client who received scalp micropigmentation treatment this year said he wished he’d had the treatment decades earlier.
He said: “Christine at Edinburgh worked a miracle on my horrible pushing 50 bald on top, hair on sides and back. I now look like I have a 100 per cent credible military No 1 style buzz cut and it has taken years off me and removed my hatred of my own reflection. I wish I had had it done a decade earlier.”


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