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Prince William’s slightly open shirt causes royal fans ‘swoon’ over ‘dapper’ duke – Express

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While meeting families and emergency professionals on Thursday in South East London, the Duke of Cambridge probably did not expect his outfit to make many of his admirers blush online. Wearing a full blue look made of a pair of chinos, a light cotton shirt and a spring tartan blazer, HRH was probably just dressing in accordance with the recent heatwave and the protocol.
But one button that remained undone throughout his visit and different chats at the fire station brought some unexpected attention to the official Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Instagram account.
Hundreds of nice comments congratulated him for taking the time to meet with kids and their families and referenced how Princess Diana would have been proud of her son.
However, a few bold fans expressed how, in their opinion, Prince William looked more than attractive.
Some did it with poetry and described him as “dapper”, “beautiful”, “well-rested” and “nicely tanned.”
Prince William seduces online fans
Prince William's shirt stole the show
In a very chic British way, one Instagram user said “Maybe the Duke could close just one more button on his shirt next time, to spare the ladies some blushing.”
“That extra button being undone changes my view of the future king,” said another.
One more excitable fan said: “I wanna play with his chest hair so bad,” followed by many lauded Emojis.
A fourth commented: “Errr. Pardon me while I swoon (again).”
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Prince William meets with London families
Prince William back at work
Perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge herself would have agreed, but according to a professional lip reader, she prefers to see her husband in a very precise set of clothes.
The royals frequently don military uniforms to carry out their duties, and it appears William’s outfits go down particularly well with wife Kate Middleton.
Prince William graduated from the Sandhurst Military Academy in 2006, five years before the royal wedding and in the presence of the Queen, his then-girlfriend Kate and her parents Carole and Michael Middleton.
Fifteen years on from the graduation ceremony, a lip reader has revealed Kate’s cheeky comment.
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Royal Family Tree
The lip-reader told True Royalty’s documentary ‘Royal Wives’ that Kate whispered: “I love him in uniform, he’s so, so sexy.”
The Duchess of Cambridge is definitely not the only one to think so because back in March, a study based on data collected in blogs and Google searches awarded Prince William a very amusing title.
Carried out by cosmetic surgery specialists Longevita, the study discovered the prince was described as “sexy” a staggering 17.6 million times online.
Which led him to win the title of “world’s sexiest bald man.”
Prince William in uniform
The British monarch beat top Hollywood actors on the list among others Jason Statham, Patrick Stewart, boxing icon Mike Tyson, and even Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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