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Barber Shares Advice For Men With Receding Hairlines – LADbible

Published 16:5213 May 2021 BST
| Last updated 16:5613 May 2021 BST

A barber has shared some top tips to help out with a creeping receding hairline. Watch here:
For some men, a receding hairline is nothing more than a distant nightmare; for others, it’s a growing (or moulting) reality; and for guys like me, the receding times feel like halcyon days, before total bald-dom was well and truly accomplished.
The hard truth though is that most men will notice their hair receding at some point or another, and when it does, you want to know the best means of damage limitation.
Thankfully, Glenn McGoldrick – co-owner and creative director of male grooming brand and salons company MENSPIRE Ireland – has shared some pointers on his TikTok account.
Asked about his tips for people with receding hair, he said: “If your hairline starts receding you have two options.
“You either pull some of the hair forward and shape it up, like we did here.”
He continued: “Or you want to start to wear a crop, like this one, where it’s a little bit longer.”
“Or a slightly shorter version of the crop,” he added.
Of course, there’s a very big difference between having a bit of a receding hairline and manufacturing a shoddy hairstyle from a few strands of fluff.
The above fellas have adopted style that work with their corner creepage, but when it starts to thin out and disappear from the back too, some people who are too afraid to face the barren reality end up with an undignified combover.
Presenter, comedian and bald man Steve Harvey advises against one of these.
Speaking on his talk show Steve in 2019, he advised men to reach for the clippers when male pattern baldness comes calling.
The 64-year-old said: “You gotta accept it when it comes.
“Going bald is not something you should try to fight, because it’s a fight that you can’t win. So you’ve got to know when to start accepting the fact that it’s going away.
“I noticed some stuff was happening to my hair, so I said instead of fighting it, I’m going to just come on and get with it. A lot of you don’t know when it’s time to come on and get with it.”
The Family Feud host went on to list a few handy tell-tale signs that it’s time to bite the bullet.
He said: “If your barber starts charging you half price… it’s time for you to start thinking about letting it go.
“If you have been wearing a fitted hat for years, same hat, same size, all of a sudden it’s loose? Come on.”
He continued: “If you have a lot of hair on the side of your head, and when you take your baseball hat off, everybody in the room says ‘Woah’… Come on, partner… If your combover don’t go all the way over, then it’s over.”
Speaking from my own grim experience, I have to agree with Harvey – it is better to be bald than balding.

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