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30 Hairstyles for a Strapless Wedding Dress –

Photo by Kelly Giarrocco
When it comes to certain types of wedding dresses, it can be difficult to find the perfect hairstyle that complements each style. But that can’t be said for strapless dresses. Since these gowns really show off your collarbone and shoulders, they work with almost any type of hairstyle, whether that’s an elegant updo, a chic ponytail, or long and loose waves.
If you really want all eyes on your dress, choose a hairstyle that gets your strands off your shoulders. Not only is this timeless and elegant, but it’s also comfortable and easy. If you don’t mind leaving your hair down, opt for glamorous waves or curls, or do something more low-maintenance and simple. While all of these looks are different, they’re all sure to make an impact.
Read on for 30 different ways to wear your hair with a strapless dress.
Photo by Sidney Bensimon
Choose a hair accessory that matches elements of your gown for a streamlined look that also feels unique. This bride opted for a chic low bun and made it more interesting using the same ostrich feather material found on her dress.
Photo by Dana Fernandez
With a beautiful strapless dress, you really don’t need to do much to your hair. If you have long hair like this bride, blow it out into a sleek, bouncy style, then leave it down for the night.
Photo by Kurt Boomer
Really show off the neckline of your gown with a tighter bun. We love how pretty this style looks with a long veil. It’s also especially great if you’re getting married on a warm day!
Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love
For a vintage feel, add a birdcage veil to your hairstyle. This type of veil looks perfect with a chignon for a more romantic vibe. You can also add some flowers like this bride did.
Photo by Anna Jones Photography
A chignon is a beautiful style with a strapless dress. If you don’t want it to look too pulled back or severe, pull some curly tendrils out and allow them to frame your face. We love this style for a beach wedding.
Photo by Kelly Giarrocco
Brides with long hair should consider a voluminous ponytail—the bigger, the better! For this elegant wedding, the bride pulled her natural hair into a ponytail, teased it, and added a beautiful headband birdcage veil.
Photo by Harwell Photography
For brides with very long hair, a soft braided chignon is so romantic and keeps all of your hair off of your shoulders and back. Keep the updo loose with a voluminous dress.
Photo by Imogen Xiana
With this hairstyle, you don’t have to commit to putting your hair up or leaving it down—you do have both! Curl your hair, gently brush out the curls, and twist into a loose half-up, half-down style that feels casual but elegant.
Photo by Clean Plate Pictures
For brides with a shorter bob, this hairstyle is a great option: do a deep side part for plenty of volume, then add a pretty floral hair clip right at the part. We especially love how this bride had a white floral-inspired piece in her hair but carried a bouquet of only greenery.
Photo by Heather Jowett
To create the look of this voluminous low bun, curl your hair first, then tease it to give it more oomph. Twist and braid it into a loose low bun to show off your gown and jewelry.
Photo by Jen Ocken Photography
For something simple and versatile, blow your hair out smooth and add some loose curls. Loosely pull back a portion of the top, leaving some pieces out to frame the face. Later on, this bride pulled her hair back into a ponytail.
Photo by Ashlyn Cathey Photography
For an elegant and glamorous Old Hollywood vibe, curl long hair and then add a deep side part. Sweep all of your hair to one side, like this bride did. You can add a clip on the side as well, if you want.
Photo by Kelsey Combe
Keep your hair out of the way for the night by twisting it into a high bun. You can make it look more chic by keeping the sides super sleek and tight with no flyaways.
Photo by Alixann Loosle
If you want to keep your long hair down and curled without risking beach waves, try a middle part and tighter barrel curls. This bride had the front of her hair flattened down a bit behind her ears, resulting in a sleek look that seems more put together than just loose curls.
Photo by Kent Drake
Instead of a bun updo, go for a ponytail—it’s a little different and so versatile. This bride added some volume in the front, and curled her hair before pulling it back.
Make a ponytail look less casual and sporty by having your hairstylist wrap hair around the hair band.
Photo by Kristen Curette
Naturally curly hair looks so pretty when pulled up into a loose updo off the neck. Pull some tendrils out for a more boho vibe, and clip your veil into the back like this bride did.
Photo by KT Merry
Take a cue from this bride and use a large bedazzled clip to pull back one side of your hair. This gives off kind of a vintage feel and it’s a nice way to add some sparkle.
Photo by Laura Gordon
Instead of just a chignon or low bun, add a pretty hair accessory. This bride chose a detailed pin that resembles flowers. It’s such a beautiful way to make your hair stand out.
Photo by Lauren O'Brien
A low, loose, voluminous bun can be so pretty with this neckline. Adding hair accessories is always a nice touch, but if you want to keep your hair simple, this is the way to go.
Photo by Jessica Brees
Sure, short hair makes an updo impossible, but you don’t need one. Take a cue from this look and leave your hair alone. It looks gorgeous and simple, and keeps all eyes on your dress.
Photo by Lindsey Shorter
For this wedding that had an Old Hollywood vibe, the bride opted to keep her long hair shiny and straight. She slicked back just the front behind her ears and added some volume at the crown. We love how elegant this looks with a strapless gown.
Photo by Lisa Poggi
If you’re adding stand-out accessories, like a choker or statement earrings, you’ll want to keep your hair simple. A low chignon, like what this bride opted for, is perfectly understated.
Photo by Paris Tew
Go for glamour by curling long hair, then brushing it out into big, loose waves and curls. You can slick back just the front pieces and add tons of volume at the top for even more impact.
Photo by Rach Loves Troy
For a look that manages to be both glamorous and low-maintenance at the same time, go for soft beach waves. This classic style looks especially great with a lace gown and would be ideal for a beach setting.
If you want beach waves, make sure your hairstylist adds lots of hairspray and shine spray. This look can easily get a little bit frizzy (although that’s not always a bad thing!).
Photo by Jen Huang
A chignon is a classic hairstyle with a strapless gown, but to make it look less tight and severe, loosen it all around the edges. For this dreamy destination wedding in Lake Como, the bride opted for a loose chignon that had a bit of volume and some perfect flyaways.
Photo by Roey Yohai
Want something slightly more elevated than beach waves? Keep your hair sleek and add some loose curls. A subtle side part adds a little bit of volume.
Photo by Samm Blake
For this colorful wedding, the bride opted for a non-traditional red ballgown. If you’re going bold like this, keep your hair simple so all eyes are on the dress. A wavy bob is the perfect look!
Photo by Tamara Gruner Photography 
Instead of trying to pull her very long hair into an updo, this bride embraced the length—and we love the result. She went for a side part with very loose waves that looked soft and romantic.
Photo by Sylvie Gil
You can really put your jewelry and your neckline on display with your hair in a bun. Pulling all of your hair back into a low chignon is chic and timeless, and you can keep hair slick instead of leaving loose pieces out.
Photo by Picture Me & U
This bride opted to embrace her super short cut and pretty much left her hair alone. We love that she added a glittering floral-inspired hair clip to complement her dress.
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