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Take (your hair for) a walk on the wild side

Georgia May Jagger for BLEACH London, hair coloured with The Big Pink
Many of us have become more experimental with our hair in the last year – be it the necessity of DIY cuts, or trying a new colour to combat lockdown boredom. Now, with restrictions easing and summer just around the corner, there’s no reason to revert back to the same old hair routine. From neon brights to a scattering of pastel highlights, why not lean in to 2021’s optimistic mood by shaking up your colour? When it comes to livening up your look, trust Bleach London to help you create the ultimate hair transformation.
Beauty Month

On first walking into one of Bleach’s salons, it’s quickly apparent that you’ve arrived at the holy grail of hair colour. From the shelves of vibrant shampoos, dyes and toners, to the stylists’ own eclectic looks, there’s a world of possibilities waiting to be explored. With locations in Dalston, Soho and Brixton (plus plans to launch in the US with an LA salon this summer), along with an extensive product line for fans to use at home, Bleach London should be your go-to when it comes to all things colour.
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A scroll down the Bleach Instagram page offers plenty of inspiration to anyone in search of inspiration. I, for one, have had bleached blonde hair for years, but beyond some ill-advised school disco looks, I’ve largely steered clear of other colours. Having just emerged from lockdown, however, I’m in the mood for a little excitement (not to mention a much-needed conversation point as I try to remember how to socialise).
After an initial patch test and consultation at the Berwick Street salon, where my stylist, Alfie, and I discuss what I want to achieve, I’m ready to take the plunge. Friendly and helpful, Alfie keeps me entertained throughout a full afternoon of bleaching, toning, dying and cutting, during which I watch a number of vibrant hair transformations take place around me.
Hope Coke, hair coloured with Gobby Pink and Green Juice
Emboldened by the buzzy, fun atmosphere, I decide to fully commit when it comes to my own new look. I opt for a bright, bubblegum shade (irresistibly named ‘Gobby Pink’), plus a ‘bleach bit’ – a chunk of differently coloured hair – in minty-hued ‘Green Juice’, in two strips framing my face. Teamed with a short, choppy bob, I feel like a cartoon character off on an adventure, in the best possible way.
In the following days I find that my new colour is surprisingly wearable, adding a dash of audacity to every outfit, and looking polished and put-together when styled with a crisp shirt and slick tailoring. Perhaps most importantly, it’s truly uplifting, brightening even the gloomiest of London mornings. And not just for me, it seems, as I notice friends, family, and even strangers reacting with gleeful enthusiasm.
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Hope Coke, hair coloured with Gobby Pink and Green Juice

If you’re feeling tempted to venture into the world of bright hair colour yourself, read on as Alex Brownsell, co-founder and creative director of Bleach London, tells Tatler everything you need to know.
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Last year we saw more people than ever coming to Bleach to experiment with colour during lockdown – and it was surprisingly experimental! Our pinks and pastels were the most popular for people trying colour for the first time. We sold a pink product every 30 seconds last year and we launched a new shade, Gobby Pink, because it was so highly requested.
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Absolutely! Without access to salons, people became colour experts and enjoyed having no dress codes to follow at home. We’re seeing that people are more willing to try something new and continue to experiment, whether that’s in a salon or at home, and they’re going bolder and brighter. Vivid oranges, reds and pinks are popular right now – Tangerine Dream and The Big Pink are some of our bestsellers.
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The natural colour, condition, texture, length and porosity will influence your final result, as well as the steps you need to take to create your colour. For example, thicker hair types will need more time during the bleaching process compared to finer hair types… or very short hair lifts quicker than longer hair, because the heat from your scalp will speed up the chemical process.
Because everyone’s hair is different, we created a Hair Quiz on our website to help you select the right products for your look. You tell us details like your hair type, texture, natural colour, and the colour you want to achieve. Then we’re able to recommend the products you would need to create this – for example if you would need more than one bleach kit depending on the length and density of your hair.
If you’re naturally blonde, some of our Super Cool Colours will work on you, especially if they’re bold and bright. But the pastel or softer colours need a pale bleached blonde to show true to colour.
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Using a toner kit like our White Toner or Champagne Super Toner is also an important step for the best colour result. These toners help to neutralise the yellow or brassy tones that naturally occur after bleaching. Any warm, brassy undertones will affect your final colour result – especially if you’re using aqua colours or cool toned pinks.
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Vivid and deep colours last the longest and the softer shades will fade quicker – but they’re easy to maintain if you want to keep topping up your tone. Some shades like green or purple are notorious for staining the hair, so I developed new formulas with anti-stain technology like Green Juice or our Violet Skies Shampoo. They both fade to an ashy, silvery tone before going back to blonde.
Healthy, hydrated hair retains colour the best. If your hair is porous and damaged, you’ll find it fades much quicker. Using regular treatments like our Reincarnation Mask or Hair Elixir will help to moisturise. You can also top up your colour by mixing your Super Cool Colour with the mask and applying every few washes. To fade a colour out quicker, try washing more frequently and soaking your hair in shampoo like a mask before rinsing.
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If you’re creating your own look at home, we’re here to help! It can be a little daunting bleaching and dying for the first time, but once you’ve familiarised yourself with the steps, it’s much easier than you think.
We recently launched a series of digital salon tools to help everyone with DIY dye. We have our interactive Hair Quiz that prescribes the products you need, lots of tutorials and tips on our Instagram and how-to guides on our website. You can also speak to one of our stylists with our free video consultation service, The Hair Line. They’ll guide you through the process, give technique tips and recommend the products for each step.
Some of our favourite techniques are very easy to achieve at home – like bleach bits, dip dyes and ombré. I think the appeal with these styles is that they aren’t a polished look, they’re experimental! And Our Super Cool Colour range is really easy to work with, the formulas have a conditioning base so you can mix something bespoke.
For example with an ombré look, to create the gradient effect you would add some conditioner to the colour to dilute it. Apply the bright colour where you want it, then using your hands smoosh the diluted mix in the hair. Blend from the bright colour through the lengths to create a fade.
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Try a bleach bit. They’re really popular in our salons and they’re easy to create at home too. You can choose to place them anywhere, but two strips framing the face is a great way to try colour without having to bleach the hair all over.
The bolder the better! I’m always inspired by all the looks we see from our community on Instagram and TikTok, anything with clashing colours or multi-toned styles are my favourite. For someone wanting to create a vibrant colour, my favourite shades right now are Twisted Lemon, I Saw Red and Bruised Violet.

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