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Russell Westbrook goes viral for wearing skirt, blue hair – Larry Brown Sports

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook has become known for his bold fashion choices over his career. On Saturday, he went viral for perhaps the boldest clothing style he has worn.
Westbrook posted photos on social media showing himself wearing a skirt and blue hair.
“Don’t address me unless it four letters” @kendricklamar
— Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) September 11, 2021

In his posts, Westbrook quoted rapper Kendrick Lamar, saying “don’t address me unless it four letters.”
In addition to the long skirt and blue hair, Westbrook was wearing a pearl necklace and boots. His clothing and accessories are traditionally worn by women.
Westbrook’s clothing photo comes at a time when gender and identity have become hot topics across the country. Westbrook appears to be entering the debate.
His controversial photoshoot reminds me somewhat of one another former Lakers guard did that sparked debate several years ago.
Westbrook has gone viral over the years for various outfits.
Here is a recap:
Video: Russell Westbrook’s hilarious sideline outfit gets roasted by announcers
Russell Westbrook photographer outfit becomes a meme
Russell Westbrook poncho outfit gets the meme treatment
Russell Westbrook dressed like a red Teletubbie
Russell Westbrook wore a leopard print shirt and spiky shoes to fashion week
Photo: All-Pro Reels/Flickr via cc by-sa 2.0
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