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10 Best Mullet Haircut Styles for Women – Shaggy Female Mullet Inspiration –

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News flash: The mullet trend is back and here to stay.
The mullet has made its comeback and is no longer a mere memory from the 70s and 80s. If there is any hair style that deserves a second chance, it’s the female mullet. Seriously, mullets are practical — not only does the style keep your neck warm, but also it keeps hair out of your eyes and face. It’s referred to as business in the front, party in the back for good reason.
Fast forward, the mullet has grown to be one of the biggest hair trends of 2021 for women, thanks to icons like Zendaya and Miley Cyrus who revived the style and rock it better than ever. Fierce and sure to turn heads, the modern mullet is perfect for a bold and rebellious look. While the classic mullet can still be seen on the red carpet by favs like Dolly Parton, a new shaggier style is here to stay, thanks to it’s sexy, cool and modern edge. Here is all the inspiration needed to convince you to try this iconic style during your next hair cut.
Actress and singer Zendaya is slaying her honeycomb-colored mullet. Accompanied with full textured bangs, this look is an absolute show stopper.
Flipped hair edges are oh so pretty and they looked extra fabulous on actress Scarlett Johansson when she wore them in the 2000s. Chic and a little flirty, this style is truly timeless.
Actress Taraji Henson’s mullet looks effortless and is another reason why this hairdo is such a good go-to: Easy upkeep and simple styles that still “WOW” crowds.
Who says straight hair isn’t sexy? Actress and singer Taylor Momsen’s mullet is super hot. The layers add volume and texture — though a sleek style would also be gorgeous.
Singer Doja Cat’s crimped hair with sideburns frames the face very well. This style screams ’80s rock and roll, which to be honest is still such a vibe.
Singer Rihanna is always switching up her look, so it should come as no surprise that she is able to pull off this punk-style mullet. Add some short textured bangs and voila — you’ll be serving looks too.
Singer Halsey’s longer styled do sort of resembles a shag haircut, but alas is still a mullet. More on the subtle side, this is the perfect mullet for first-timers to try.
With the top cut like a pixie and longer layers in the back, singer Demi Lovato looks super cool “for the summer” and always. Not to mention, the sharp texture makes it a versatile look from day into night.
Taking after her father, Billy Ray Cyrus (who became the mullet poster child in the early 90s), singer Miley Cyrus exemplifies just how glam a mullet can be. The fringe softens her face, completely revitalizing the classic hairdo.
Singer Dolly Parton paved the way for the woman’s mullet and while it may not be for everyone, this style is truly iconic. Let’s just say, her signature mullet is one for the history books.


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