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Honoring Amy Winehouse Life Music Style — Rockstar Celebrity Music Songs Hair Hairstyle – L'Officiel USA

On the late singer’s birthday, we’re re-examining the unique sound and style of Amy Winehouse which propelled her to become one of the 21st century’s most influential singers.
Amy Winehouse's hairdresser reveals that it all started as a joke.
Although they can be dicey projects to navigate, posthumous albums offer fans one last opportunity to revel in the potential of an artist who wouldn’t live to see it themselves. 
Design Director Joachim Kornbek Engell-Hansen explains how his family-founded Danish furniture company Menu is still rethinking furniture 50 years after its establishment.  
Brooklyn-based designer Brandon Blackwood speaks with L'OFFICIEL about the success of the viral End Systemic Racism bag and creating a community through fashion.
The Italian furniture house has reinvented its iconic see-through polycarbonate material to be more modern than ever.
L'OFFICIEL speaks to the makers of Eternity Modern, the new reproducers of designer Mario Bellini's iconic Camaleonda Sofa, which has recently found a second-life of viralty on Instagram. 
The United States vs. Billie Holiday star Andra Day chose and Tiffany and Co. diamonds for her apperance at the Academy Awards.
This year's Academy Awards breaks glass ceilings and highlights diversity, and more importantly, inclusion, in Hollywood with a number of firsts.
On this iconic American actress' birthday, L'OFFICIEL celebrates her most notable roles. 
American designer Halston, known for glamorizing disco-era fashion, is the subject of an upcoming Netflix drama.


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