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Addison Rae chopped her hair into a lob and went platinum blonde for the Met Gala – Cosmopolitan UK

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The look was inspired by early 2000s supermodels
From bright and bold eyeshadows to vibrant lipstick shades, Addison Rae isn’t one to shy away from a bold makeup looks. Just last week, she single-handedly confirmed that 90s blue eyeshadow is making a comeback.
But when it comes to her hair, Addison doesn’t usually take many risks. Sure, she mixes it up with her hairstyles, like the time she wore that pretty prom-inspired hairdo, and has even experimented with going from brunette to sandy blonde and tried chunky highlights.
But the He’s All That actor seems to be less adventurous when it comes to her hair – well, until now.
For the Met Gala, Addison not only changed her hair colour, but she chopped most of her hair off, too.
Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel cut Addison’s hair into a blunt lob that looked super chic. As if that wasn’t enough of a hair transformation, Addison dyed her hair to platinum blonde and it really suits her.
A post shared by Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir)
Posting pictures of the look on Instagram, Adir wrote: “New hair new cut on this baby tonight @addisonraee for @voguemagazine MET GALA”.
A post shared by Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir)
He added: “We chopped. We coloured. We went early 2000’s supermodel vibes.”
…and we majorly approve.
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