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20 Male Celebrities Who Look Great With Thinning Hair – Yahoo Lifestyle

If you find your head thinning or your hairline receding, there’s no need to panic. Just take some styling tips from our favorite male celebrities who’ve proven that you can go thin gracefully. Whether you take the accessorizing approach like Ashton Kutcher, try hair treatments, or embrace the buzzed badass look like Channing Tatum, you may end up looking even better than before! If you need some inspiration, look no further than these 20 stars who look great with thinning hair.
Ben Affleck back in 1997 meant a fresh-faced actor with a sky-high pompadour. This iconic hairstyle just may be how he scored his role in Gigli.
It’s clear the actor has battled a receding hairline for years. No worries, Ben. You still look great! Plus, J.Lo likes it.
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Thanks to his days as Michael Kelso on That ’70s Show, we know how precious Kutcher’s hair is to him. And boy, did he have some luscious locks.
Ashton Kutcher first noticed his hair was thinning at age 25. While he promptly began taking supplements, the star recently noticed it’s beginning to thin again. However, the actor isn’t too concerned. As he put it on CONAN in 2018, “I’ve established myself as this baseball cap wearing individual. When it does go, you’re not gonna know that it’s gone because I’m gonna have a baseball cap on.” There’s nothing an easy accessory can’t fix.
A major part of Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s broody vampire look was his long, tousled brown hair.
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While his hair isn’t quite as shaggy as in his vampire days, Robert creates a voluminous look with some strategic product. By keeping the slides sleeker, the hair at the top of his head appears thicker.
When the British soccer star was making a name for himself in the early ’00s, he rocked a long, sweeping blond ‘do.
While Beckham’s hair is by no means completely thinned, he definitely sports a shorter look now than he did in the past. By keeping the sides buzzed, the length and thickness of the middle section is accentuated. If it’s good enough for Posh Spice, it’s good enough for us!
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LeBron has been known to keep his cuts clean and short for the most part, even when he was first starting off his NBA career. When you’re that good on the court, who has time to worry about hair?
While the NBA superstar was never known for having long hair, his hairline is noticeably further back than it was years ago. That being said, LeBron’s tight buzz and perfectly-sculpted facial hair keeps the attention on his championship-winning smile.
With a swooping side part and plenty of hair gel, a young Channing Tatum took over Hollywood.
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Let’s face it: Channing looks good no matter what. Even though his hair looks a bit thinner — and more buzzed — than his Step Up days, he’s still major leading man material. Sometimes a good razor is all it takes!
When the world first met Michael Scott, Carrell was rocking this smooth, dark combover. World’s best boss, or world’s best hair?
While the comedian’s hair might not be as thick nowadays, it certainly looks just as good. By keeping a salt and pepper mix of color — especially with his facial hair — Carrell brightens up his look with a more youthful appearance. The contrast of different hues also creates the illusion of thickness.
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Years before he was starring alongside Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation, Pratt sported long, curly locks.
These days, Pratt opts for a shorter look, keeping his sideburns tight and swooping the hair at the top of his head to the side. Add on the ‘stache and thin beard, and you’ve got the Jurassic Park star’s signature look.
Jude Law was known for his rock ‘n roll, tousled hairstyle back in the early aughts.
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Jude held onto his grungy style by growing out a full beard. His small side part at the top of his head adds a bit of extra edge.

While starring on Gossip Girl, Chace — with his long, side-swept bangs — was the ultimate ladies’ man of the mid ’00s.
While signs of some thinning are clear, Chace looks as good as ever by tousling his hair with product and growing out a full beard. Not to mention the fact that all these years later, he still maintained his thick eyebrows. The lesson: Never underestimate the power of a good brow.
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Pre-James Bond Daniel Craig was known for his flowing blonde locks. Can you imagine?
This hairstyle has become a signature for the action star. Keeping it tight on the sides with a short swoop in the front, Daniel is red carpet ready all of the time. If James Bond himself can look this good with a receding hairline, so can you.
Law and Order star Jesse Martin kept a clean, polished hairstyle throughout his career.
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Everything about Martin’s look seems exactly the same now — except he has a little less hair on his head.
Kevin Costner circa The Untouchables or Field of Dreams…now that’s a head of hair to envy.
As the years go by, the acclaimed star still looks as cool as ever. He keeps his haircut simple and groomed, focusing on his effortless sense of style.
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Sting exuded ’90s energy as he performed on stage with a shaggy haircut.
What the musician lacks in hair on top, he’s made up for with a killer beard and sideburns.
Michael Keaton was known to rock a mullet well into the ’90s, but by 2002, he joined the new millennium with this clean-cut look. And while his hairline was already receding, it’s more hair than we’ve seen on the actor in a long time.
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Keaton has less hair than he started with, but does that bother Batman? Not at all. The actor embraced his thinning hair with a super short haircut and blonder locks that bring out his eyes. Still major superhero material.
Laurence Fishburne has had all of the hairstyles throughout his career — he even fully shaved his head for a role. But he always had a head of hair to come back to.
The actor certainly has less hair to work with these days, but he doesn’t stress about it. With a close cut, the focus shifts to his whole unique vibe.
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Full disclaimer: Jeremy Piven was semi-bald when he started out acting in the mid-’90s. Although there were plenty of transplant rumors swirling during the era, we’re not sure exactly what he did to get his head looking this full by 2006. Whatever it was, it certainly worked.
In recent years, Jeremy has kept a much shorter hairstyle that’s tight on the sides. Looking good.
A rare sighting of Adam Sandler circa 1997 without a baseball cap on.
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Sandler has managed to rock the same hairstyle for more two decades, but we’ve definitely noticed some thinning going on. The funnyman doesn’t even need hair, though, since his iconic smile lights up his face.
Back when Christopher Meloni was just starting out as Elliot Stabler, the actor had a full head of hair.
Christopher Meloni not only embraced his receding hairline, but he’s gone full on silver fox as well. Bravo, Elliot.
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Vincent Kartheiser’s boyish bangs make it look like Pete Campbell overslept one morning and forgot to apply his hair gel. The Madmen star loved a good, shaggy look back in the day.
At the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards in 2013, the Mad Men star went with a deep side part — perhaps inspired by the ’70s setting of the series final season.

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