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Naeem Khan Stuns with Bright Colors and Bold Cutouts in SS22 Collection at NYFW –

The designer had every single eye on his clothing at Sony Hall on Sept. 9.
The designer had every single eye on his clothing at Sony Hall on Sept. 9.
Styling: Filippo Fior
Text: Addison Aloian
Naeem Khan may be known for upscale ornate womenswear, but his NYFW SS22 Collection ventured into bright patterned sets and bold cutout dresses, proving that he can, and has, done it all.
The collection debuted at Sony Hall at his presentation titled The Matinée Show on Sept. 9, and it was nothing short of stunning, channeling all sorts of styles, like flapper dresses, glittery multicolored silk sets, and sequined tops, to name a few. He also played with sheerness in looks, and designed a few elegant dresses covered with feathers. Wanting to bring people together with these clothes, he combined his passion with this inspiration of togetherness, creating a collection of clothing like never before.
For Khan, SS22 meant diving deeper into the world of womenswear—creating bolder pieces and crossing larger boundaries. Starting with details, he kept the show very uniform, as each model had their hair in a bun with a flower and most in red lipstick. The first set of models emerged wearing beach-inspired clothing, including dresses made of silk, patterned with lots of seashells and other ocean designs in bright blue and orange. He then premiered a series of subtler flower-inspired dresses, tops, and jeans, in white, red, and yellow, complete with matching flowers in their hair.
Afterwards was a series of leopard print shirts, blazers, and pants, as well as a black sparkling ruffle top with the animal print pants, bringing back the classic 90s theme. Following were a series of sparkly sheer dresses in bright green and turquoise and flapper dresses with cutouts in gold and silver that lit up the entire room.
The grand finale consisted of a few floor-length ballgowns ranging from flower-themed patterns, to solid glittery red hues, with matching gloves to complete the look. However, the most stunning finale pieces were the sets and dresses that included capes, two of which were red and black cutout form-fitting rompers that were sheer and covered in sequins. But arguably, the most jaw-dropping piece was the psychedelic sequined dress in pink, covered with flowers in every color, serving 60s vibes, complete with a cape.
Khan continually shows up to prove that he knows best in women’s elegant outerwear, combining sheerness, with sparkles, with bright colors and bold cutouts. He has a vision for combining the past, future, and present in stunning clothing, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.


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