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Neymar Has A Drastic New Haircut And It Took A Four-Hour Procedure – SPORTbible

Published 20:4216 July 2021 BST
| Last updated 20:4316 July 2021 BST

Neymar Jr has changed up his hairstyle and he’s bound to get some stick from his Paris Saint-Germain teammates when he turns up at pre-season training.
The Brazil star has sported a whole host of different looks over the years, varying from his classic mohawk at Santos to a skinhead and even a bold pink barnet last year.
But his latest trim is unsurprisingly calling a massive stir online.
Days removed from losing the Copa America to Lionel Messi’s Argentina at the Maracana, Neymar now has blond, dreadlock-looking braids courtesy of hair extensions and bears a resemblance to American singer Ty Dolla Sign.
The reaction from fans has been fairly brutal and we just hope that no-one shows it to Graeme Souness because he’ll be seriously vexed.
Some supporters reckon the 29-year-old is punishing himself for Brazil’s failure to win the Copa America on home soil:
Neymar’s new hair :eyes:

(:camera_with_flash:: furinhodeouro, anabodyart/ IG)

Wtf has Neymar done to his hair :flushed:
Neymar’s new hair style. He is punishing himself for losing Copa America to Argentina.:sob::joy:
Women attack their hair after break ups, Neymar does it after losses.
Dawg what is Neymar doing with his hair :joy::joy::joy:
Neymar’s new hair is.. em.. different
Nanda Burguesinha, a fellow Brazilian, was the brains behind Neymar’s re-style and spent FOUR hours getting the job done.

“I asked him what he wanted and we came up with this different look which preserves his authenticity,” she wrote on Instagram, where she shared snaps of his fresh cut.
“The procedure lasted four hours and went very smoothly.”
We do wonder whether this style will still be active by the time FIFA 22 comes around in a few months.
Neymar is clearly not afraid of experimenting when it comes to his hair. A few years back, when he was at Barcelona, his regular barber said he would collect more than £1,400 per month just from doing the player’s hair.
“He sends a driver to pick me up and take me home,” the barber told SPORT.
“It is difficult to calculate the price (of the business relationship), because the service is not available to all, but I do not do it for less than 2,000 euros a month.”

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