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32 Photos of Bald Celebrities When They Had Hair – Bald Actors – Men's Health

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We’re sure you’re aware of Bruce Willis and The Rock. But there are plenty of other leading men who look better rocking a chrome dome.
For many guys, going bald is an unavoidable part of getting older. Or just an unavoidable piece of their genetics. But just because you’re losing your hair doesn’t mean you’re losing your dashing good looks. These 32 men remind us that “bald” is just another style—and one that sometimes looks better.
This is Willis in 1987. Still a movie star with hair, but maybe not the Willis you recognize today.
Willis’ head was just made to be shaved. Lucky dude … lucky dude.
These days, it’s an unfamiliar sight. While we like the Rock as a grimy-haired Hercules, we’re just not used to any length of mane.
Not only is the Rock, somehow, even better looking buzzed, he also, somehow, pulls off the subbled goatee. Not an easy feat.
Here’s Jackson in 1994, looking almost exactly the same as Jackson in any other decade. The man just does not age.
Jackson only two years later. We see you now, Nick Fury.
Statham in 2005’s Revolver. Seriously, who is that man?
Like Willis, Statham has been blessed with the kind of head that is never conspicuous hairless. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Here’s Harrelson in 1986, looking much less like the villainous/anti-hero character’s he’s been in the habit of playing lately.
One does not simply hunt zombies or genetically-modified “monkeys” with a full head of hair.
Diesel in 2006’s Find Me Guilty. This has to be photoshopped, right?
Diesel is the third Fast and Furious entry on this list. Is this the era of the bald action man?
Maybe it’s the flat bangs buzz, but something doesn’t feel quite right.
There he is! And like the Rock, Terry pulls off the bald plus goatee.
Here’s Stewart in 1975 and on some strange planet where the Captain has been forced to grow hair to blend in.
Stewart returned to his normal form.
It’s hard to find any evidence that J.K Simmons once had hair, and, yes, we know this is probably not his hair. But it’s as close as we can get without digging into his yearbook.
We don’t care if you’re rushing or dragging, but if you don’t think Simmons owns the bald look, you can get the hell out of this band.
Here’s Keaton on with Jay Leno in 1991, but somehow still in 1985.
Balding Michael Keaton we think is the best Michael Keaton look.
Here’s Tucci in the first Captain America. You can already see beneath his wispy hair a head that was always made to be bald.
The bald makes the look. And the glasses are a stylish compliment.
Fishburne has done almost every combination of beard and facial hair. But we’re guessing this isn’t the one you’re most familiar with.
Here he is. Morpheus, er, we mean, Fishburne, in 2001.
Tatum’s a handsome man no matter what he does with his head. The hair styled in front doesn’t hurt, but we think there’s a better look.
Okay, here us out. It’s a a controversial opinion, we know, but we like fully clean shaven Tatum. Here he is in Coach Carter lookinglike a young Brad Pitt. (We do like Pitt better with hair, though).
With Galifianakis, we’re here for the beard. But we like one particular variation . . .
And all of a sudden, Galifianakis could be your next “Fast and Furious” entry. Or Bond villain. Either way, we like it.
Malkovich in 1985. Something here feels … off.
He’s still got some weird scarf pattern wrapped around his neck. But we think his head is looking much better.


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