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James Charles self-sabotages his bald prank with an accidental Instagram reveal – Sportskeeda

James Charles has accidentally revealed that his latest bald look is a prank.
The beauty guru was recently spotted in public with a smooth head and no hair. It was shocking to see for his fans as it was a far cry from his usual hairstyle.
However, James Charles’ recent selfie, which was posted on his Instagram story, confirmed that his bald look was just a prank.
In the selfie, the 21-year-old appeared to be at a ski resort with goggles and a hat on. Almost his entire head and face were covered, aside from a small patch where his hat and goggles met. In that patch, a tuft of hair clearly stuck out, and his plans to keep the bald prank rolling were foiled.
INSTANT REGRET: James Charles reacts to giving away his bald prank.
After realizing that he had posted a selfie with his hair clearly in the shot, James Charles released a quick video to explain himself. He said:
It seems like the internet star took the mistake in stride as he admitted that he feels stupid for ruining his own prank, which was going so well previously.
INSTANT REGRET: James Charles realizes get ruined his prank video with his latest Insta story post. He says “oh my god not me ruining my own prank”
James Charles started to attract a lot of attention when he was snapped in public without any hair. There was no explanation for it, but fans were quick to make plenty of memes.
While the selfie story blunder proves that the bald look was just a prank, James Charles isn’t ready to say goodbye to the topic just yet.
After addressing his accidental reveal, James Charles stated that he regretted the mistake because he was set to have a “Bald for a Day” video on his channel.
According to him, the video is great and was supposed to be up on his channel. However, his video editors were hindered by the snow storms that are currently sweeping some parts of the United States.

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