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Jason Statham To Vin Diesel: Top 5 Sexiest Bald Men In Hollywood – IWMBuzz

The bald hairstyle has been running in Hollywood since centuries. No matter how many hair gels come up in the market or no matter how much the advertisements emphasize on having thick healthy hair, the bald hairstyle will never go out of style. Thanks to our Hollywood actors who make their receding hairline a fashion statement.
Today let’s take a look at top five sexiest bald men in Hollywood.
The first on the list is none other than Jason Statham, the fifty-three-year-old action film actor has made his bald look a highlight of his style. Jason’s bald hairstyle suits the tough, macho guy persona that he carries on screen. And let’s be honest his bald head makes him look ten times hotter.
Vin Diesel is another actor who carries his bald hairstyle with pride and confidence. The fast and furious actor is known for his bald head, will Vin Diesel even look like Ven Diesel if it wasn’t for his bald hairstyle?
The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson obviously had to be on our list. We have seen Dwayne Johnson with hair before, and that proves that hair doesn’t look good on everyone. Sometimes you gotta go bald to be hot.
Next on our list is the American rapper Pitbull. The thirty-three-year-old singer is a real charmer, and one thing that sets up the charm is his hot bald looks.
And we end our list with the ever sexy Chris Daughtry. The forty-one-year-old American singer and actor has an irresistible charisma, all thanks to his sexy bald look.
Let us know what you think about our list in the comments below, also let us know who was your favourite bald men of Hollywood.

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