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No One Is Doing Y2K Beauty Right Now Better Than K-Pop Stars – Yahoo Lifestyle

Although nail art wasn’t as sought after and experimental as it is in 2021, K-pop stars are looking to Y2K motifs for manicure inspiration, like the gradient Powerpuff Girl heart, Polly Pocket-like designs, and checkerboard patterns.
All can be seen on Sunmi (top left, painted on by Park), as well as Red Velvet’s Yeri (top right) and Taeyeon (bottom left, both thanks to Korean nail artist Shin Tamina).
Soyeon from (G)I-DLE, seen in the bottom right corner, took the trend one step further with 3D adornments (glued on by nail artist J. Sol) for her recent solo debut.
You can bring the same cuteness to your nails without trekking to a salon with the Best of Beauty-winning ManiMe At-Home Gel Mani Kit in Ferosh Queen! or the Bad Girl Pink set from K-beauty brand UUUUU.
Today’s pop girls are bringing back an essential hairstyle of the early aughts. Previously loved by the likes of Brtiney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez, baby braids are now paired with sleeker styles in the current K-pop world — as seen on STAYC’s J, Everglow’s Onda, Joy of Red Velvet, and Jennie of Blackpink, clockwise from top left.
The worldwide resurgence of tiny, face-framing braids can be owed to their low-maintenance nature, Los Angeles-based hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons previously told Allure. You can accomplish the look in less than 10 minutes. All you really have to do is part your hair down the middle before braiding one-inch sections on either side of it.
The frosty shadows of the early 2000s are back with a brighter 2021 punch. If you look closely at the lids of The Boyz’s New, you’ll notice wisps of bright baby blue shadow on the inner corners. Seen below him, the same dreamy hue made an appearance on Taeyeon. Mark of NCT Dream and TXT’s Taehyun went with bold bubblegum pink in the right column.
These vivid pastel looks can easily be recreated with the Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes. To ensure the most powerful pigment payoff for pastel shadows, British makeup artist Jo Baker recommends layering on an eye shadow primer first.
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Although most of the Y2K beauty trends taking over K-pop are of the technicolor variety, the darker, edgier looks of 2000s-era pop-punk aren’t being ignored. Girl and boy group members alike are indulging in black paint jobs. Han of Stray Kids and NCT 127’s Johnny went simple with an onyx manicure, which you can emulate with a couple of coats of the Best of Beauty-winning Jinsoon Nail Lacquer in Absolute Black on your own tips.
Red Velvet’s Wendy took things farther — literally — with ultra-long, matte coffin acrylics, while Mark Tuan mixed things up with a few nails coated in deep, matte eggplant lacquer and doodle-y designs on others.
Y2K beauty is central to HyunA’s aesthetic lately. If a look is kitschy and eccentric, she will not hesitate to make it work for her. Most recently, she tied her electric blue hair into bubble braids. No matter what color or texture your hair may be, you can do so, too.
Bubble braids work with any hair type and most haircuts, as hairstylist Matt Newman previously told Allure. Tiny, thin elastics, like Scünci’s Polybands, will come in handy. However, wider ponytail holders, such as the Goody Ouchless Elastic Hair Ties, work better for thicker, textured hair because they are less likely to cause tangling.
Once you have the right ponytail holders on hand, split your hair into two pigtails and secure them below each ear. Next, grab two more elastics and secure sections half an inch below the first ones to form the first bubble. Then, pinch the outer edges to gently pull the bubble open, Newman shared. “If the bubble looks too flat, pinch the front and back of it and gently pull open to enhance the spherical shape,” he adds. From there, repeat that step to create another bubble.
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Remember the Art Stuff Roll-On Glitter? Excuse me for assuming you may have forgotten about the legendary, sweet-scented sparkly product. For many, it was their introduction to the twinkling goodness of glitter.
These days, the same joy can be chased after with chunky glitter in the shape of stars and confetti (à la ITZY’s Ryujin, top left), the sparkle emoji (as seen on Everglow’s Onda, top right), and oval-cut diamonds (on Dreamcatcher’s Handong, bottom left). Kim Ji-beom of Golden Child also pressed some of the classic glitter shape, just jumbo-sized, onto one of his brows for an asymmetrical disco brow moment.
The best part of this type of glitter is each particle is large enough to save for future uses. Simply unstick them from your face with a pair of tweezers and set the glitter aside for another time.
Some of our favorite chunky glitter options include the Nyx Professional Makeup Shaped Glitter for hearts and stars, as well as Lit Cosmetics’ Catching Butterflies Glitter Decor Lit Cosmetics’ Catching Butterflies Glitter Decor.
Hair clips have long been a beauty style for K-pop stars; however, these days, their stylists have a new Y2K-driven method to their chicness. Take Stray Kid’s Hyunjin for example. In the top right corner, his silver barrettes are pinned on almost like those combed headbands of the early 2000s.
Somi and Red Velvet’s Irene, in the right column, took the stage recently with neatly stacked, matching clips like they just made cameos in a Mary Kate and Ashley movie. Yeji of ITZY, on the other hand, added neon accents in an abstract arrangement.
For those who want to add more accessories to their hair routine, Los Angeles-based hairstylist Justin Marjan recommends using your facial features as a guide for the perfect placement. If you want to go higher up on your head like the ladies above, clip your barrettes along the same line as your eyes or eyebrows. Prefer behind the ear? Allow your cheekbones to be your guide.
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Speaking of neon, K-pop stars have been indulging in florescent fun with their eye makeup, dye jobs, and nail art. All the looks are like Lisa Frank without the dolphins and baby animals, laser tag without the physical activity, and raves without the trip to an abandoned warehouse — in the best ways possible, of course.
You can easily recreate Rosé’s electric lime liner with the Simihaze Beauty Eye Play Pool Pack. She even stuck on decals from the set for the photo above in the top left corner.
To her right is a newcomer to the K-pop world, STAYC’s Yoon. Her blunt-layered haircut was given tips in a similar slime-green hue. You can temporarily try out the same look with the Good Dye Young Poser Paste in Kowabunga.
Below her, AleXa proved too much neon for one look is impossible with vibrant watermelon hair, coordinating clips, and a fluorescent outfit.
Sorn of CLC, on the other hand, took the nail art route with her neon, adding colorful flames to her tips.
No list of Y2K-inspired beauty trends would be complete without a mention of butterfly clips. The fanciful hair accessory was so ubiquitous in the early 2000s, appearing on runways, red carpets, music videos, and TV shows, alike.
For your very own Lizzie McGuire moment, take cues from Aespa’s Ningning, who added them to her hair like an ethereal headband, and Miyeon (G)I-DLE’s dreamy, behind-the-ear adornments with the scunci Butterfly Bright Colors Mini Jaw Clips or Urban Renewal Vintage Iridescent Butterfly Clip Set.
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Some of our favorite hair and makeup looks from the early 2000s are making their grand revival with the help of K-pop stars. 
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