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Streamer GeorgeNotFound’s Haircut Stream Was One Fans Didn’t Expect – DualShockers

By Frankie Clarke
Minecraft Content Creator GeorgeNotFound has been in need of a haircut for the last couple of months with fans both arguing for and against the cut.
Streamer and Content Creator GeorgeNotFound announced a couple of days ago that his long-awaited haircut stream would commence Thursday 16th of September with an ‘organised epic set up’ and with George, that could mean anything.
Many fans immediately jumped to speculate if the man would be in Florida with his closest friends and fellow Minecraft Streamer and Content Creators Dream and Sapnap as they have been wanting to finally meet for many years but Covid and lockdowns have prevented that until the foreseeable future.
Another popular theory among many is that YouTuber Logan Paul may be in involved as he is in the UK right now and had been seen hanging out and filming with George’s own friends, streamers TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot.
George completely shocked fans by hiring a trained professional to cut his hair, a George can be very unpredictable and wild with his ideas, this was something that practically no one saw coming.
Not only was George at a salon, but it was also a Salon in a Van, the first in the UK to be precise. Both George and his chat learnt this news through George ‘interviewing’ one of his barber’s whilst having his hair washed in an attempt to cut the awkwardness as this was the first time the barber had done their job in front of a live audience.
the long awaited haircut stream will be on thursday 16th at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm BST!

Peaking at around 211k viewers and holding an average of around 180k throughout his two-hour-long stream, George had surprisingly many interactions with his inner circle of friends calling and face timing him to suggest what he should do after seeing him google himself to show photos of his past hair.
Gonna be bald in an hour 😳
Two of those friends, one being Dream, who essentially echoed a sentiment of both George and fans alike, suggested that George should go back to his hairstyle from his cooking stream six months prior. The second suggestion from Quackity, another Streamer, called to yell “Get a mohawk coward, either bald or mohawk you coward.” and proceeded to hang up but at least it got a good chuckle out of both chat and George’s barber.
The fan reaction was obviously wild even getting ‘Georges’ trending on Twitter. Whilst it wasn’t all mourning over the loss of his fluffy hair or the swooning over the barber, there were many a meme to come from it too such as Video Editor Wheatskins who took his boss Quackitys requests to heart and made them a reality.
nawhhh they did him DIRTY 💀
As for the fans, some of them compared George to Disney characters such as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid or Eugene from Tangled, whilst others compared poor George to a lost sheep after its first shearing.
george posted on his story !!

(one from before stream, one from after!)
Frankie, or more known as Nels online, is a recent games and animation graduate with a passion for esports more specifically LCK and VALORANT. She is also a freelance Tournament Admin & League Ops and has worked with many a game and at many an event. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to add that she is a full-time Twitch frog too

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