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20 Incredibly Flattering Haircuts for Round Faces – The Trend Spotter

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Haircuts Round FacesHaircuts Round Faces
Knowing your face shape is key to choosing a flattering haircut. Whether or not a haircut works for your face can make a dramatic difference to your appearance. The right style will balance your proportions, bring out your best facial features, and make you look more photogenic. While many ladies with round faces feel like their haircut options are limited, that’s not the case – there is a wide variety of styles you can rock that will make you look amazing!
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Not only are side-swept beach waves super sexy and glamorous, but they also combine some of the most flattering hairstyle elements for round faces. Longer hair helps to balance the width of a round face, while sweeping the hair to one side makes your face seem more narrow. Meanwhile, loose, beachy waves help draw the eye down, making your face appear longer.

It may seem counterintuitive, but a short, voluminous hairstyle can be very flattering for round faces and is ideal for those with naturally thick hair. A textured lob cut is an excellent option as the layers and waves fall below your chin, meaning your face will look longer and narrower. Adding volume at the crown of your head will also create the illusion of a longer face.
Voluminous LobVoluminous Lob
While the classic long, ’70s Afro can make your face appear wider, a short Afro looks fantastic on round face shapes as your stylist can make subtle changes to suit you. They will leave more length at the crown of your head, combined with shorter sides, to balance your proportions. Your face will look slightly longer, but not wider. Plus, a short Afro is easy to maintain and is an ideal option if you’re growing your natural hair out after ‘the big chop.’
Short Afro HaircutShort Afro Haircut
4. Wavy Medium Length Hair With Highlights
Want to flatter your round face without changing your medium-length hair? Try adding face-framing waves and highlights. The waves add movement, drawing the eye down and visually lengthening your face. Meanwhile, highlights give your hair dimension and can be strategically placed to draw attention to your best features, such as your eyes and away from your softer jawline.
Wavy Medium Length Hair With HighlightsWavy Medium Length Hair With Highlights
Dynamic haircuts, like an asymmetrical lob, look fantastic on round faces as they visually ‘cut’ the face, making it look around two-thirds of its usual width. The angles of an asymmetrical lob also contrast beautifully with full cheeks, while the longer part of the haircut draws the eye down to draw attention away from the jawline. The haircut is ideal for those who want a chic look with a modern twist.
Asymmetrical LobAsymmetrical Lob
Updos can be tricky for ladies with round faces, as you need to incorporate plenty of volume at the crown to balance your wide cheekbones. For that reason, it’s best to steer clear of sleek styles and embrace a more voluminous look, like the dreadlocks updo. The hairstyle has a cool ’90s vibe and gives women a fresh way to style their natural locs or extensions. It works as both a casual and formal hairstyle and will also allow you to show off a pair of statement earrings.
Dreadlocks UpdoDreadlocks Updo
While women with round faces are generally advised to avoid super straight or short haircuts, the straight side-part bob is the exception to the rule. Due to the way your hair falls, your face will seem more narrow. And while the cut is shorter than a lob, it still falls below your chin, making your face appear longer. Plus, your stylist can cut in subtle layers to ensure your hair doesn’t look overly structured or flat
Straight Side Part BobStraight Side Part Bob
A half-up half-down hairstyle flatters a round face by drawing the eye up to the crown of your head. It is similar to an updo in that way. Simultaneously, the ‘down’ section of your hair helps make your face look longer. It is a fantastic option if you have naturally smooth, fine hair that often falls flat, as you can secure the upper section with bobby pins or hair ties rather than relying on volumizing mousse or spray alone.
Half Up Half DownHalf Up Half Down
For ladies who want to show off their edgy style, a side undercut is an excellent option. Plus, it has the bonus of being very flattering on a round face. With both sides of the head buzzed or shaved, this undercut makes your face look slimmer. At the same time, you can style the versatile top section in a variety of ways, such as a mohawk or ponytail.
Side UndercutSide Undercut
One of the cutest – yet most stylish – haircut options for round faces is a bob with a side fringe. The key to adapting the cut for a round face is in the details. Lots of choppy layers and texture are essential to avoid the ‘hair helmet’ effect. Meanwhile, the side fringe visually ‘slices’ your face at an angle, drawing the eye diagonally rather than straight across.
Bob With Side FridgeBob With Side Fridge
The lob is one of the best shorter hairstyles for ladies with round faces. That is because the hair falls below your chin, making your face seem longer and disguising your soft jawline. While those with round faces are usually advised to avoid a middle part, combining it with a wavy lob makes it wearable. That is because the middle part draws attention to the center of your face, putting the focus on your best features like your eyes, nose, and lips. Meanwhile, the wavy pieces cover your wide, full cheeks and make your face look more oval-shaped.
Middle Part Curly LobMiddle Part Curly Lob
Longer hairstyles are often recommended for round faces for a reason. Long hair draws the eye down, balancing the broader look of a round face. One of the most flattering long hairstyles for round faces is long waves. Start by building volume at the crown, then create big, loose, flowing waves with either a center or side part. The way the waves fall means your forehead will look smaller and narrower, balancing the proportions of your face. If you don’t want to grow out your hair, you can achieve this beautiful and feminine hairstyle with clip-in extensions.
Long WavesLong Waves
A gorgeous formal hairstyle for round faces – especially if you have short hair – is an updo with volume at the crown. One of the best ways to balance the proportions of a round face is to visually ‘lengthen’ it with a teased, voluminous section at the top of your head. The extra volume draws the eye upwards, counteracting your wide cheekbones while creating a softly romantic finish. To add to the elegant feel of the hairstyle, leave some wavy tendrils to help frame your face.
Updo With Volume At The CrownUpdo With Volume At The Crown
Bantu knots are an iconic hairstyle for Afro-textured hair, and they are a great option if you also have a round face. The knots draw the eye outwards in multiple directions and add height, making your face appear longer. Bantu knots also have a cool ’90s appeal and are considered a protective style, so your hair will thank you too. Even better, the versatile hairstyle suits fun and casual daytime events but can also be worn to a more formal event, as it looks polished and sleek and allows you to show off your make-up and jewelry.
Bantu KnotsBantu Knots
Platinum hair is one of the most popular style trends of 2020, so there has never been a better time to give this bold color a try. Meanwhile, a shorter haircut adds to the punchy impact of ultra-bright shades of blonde – and if you are bleaching your hair, you may want to lose some inches to remove split ends and chemical damage. For ladies with round faces, the lob length – where the hair falls below your chin – will help to make your face look longer. You can also try parting your hair on the side or use loose pieces and tendrils to break up the wide look of your face.
Platinum Blonde Long Straight BobPlatinum Blonde Long Straight Bob
Twists are a gorgeous hairstyle with protective benefits for Afro-textured hair. Versatile and flattering, twists look beautiful if you have a round face as they add volume at the crown of your head. While twists of any length look great, long Senegalese twists are an attractive option as they will lengthen a round face while giving a pretty and feminine vibe to your look.
Hair TwistsHair Twists
Dynamic and full of movement, a shag haircut is an ideal choice for ladies who love an intentionally ‘undone’ hairstyle with a ’70s vibe. Choppy, textured haircuts like the shag are a classic option for round faces. That is because they draw attention away from the jawline and widest part of the face. By adding bangs, you can also cover up a broad forehead, which is also a feature of round face shapes. Make sure your stylist blends the bangs into the rest of the cut for a seamless look.
Shag Haircut With BangsShag Haircut With Bangs
A haircut isn’t the only way to flatter your round face – your stylist can also do it with color. Bright, bold shades like pink – which is trending right now as part of e-girl style – tend to draw the eye, so your stylist will place these hues higher on your head, and at the ends, to pull attention away from your cheeks and jaw. When combined with a dynamic haircut, like a shag, the color creates a ‘frame’ effect that adds angles to your face’s shape while also helping you stand out from the crowd.
Pink Hair Shag HaircutPink Hair Shag Haircut
A simple, classic, and flattering option for ladies with round faces and natural hair is a side part lob. The natural volume of your curls will create a beautiful frame for your face while making it look slimmer. Plus, the side part adds an interesting feature and – best of all – is easy to create. To get a defined look, use a comb to part your hair off-center. Then apply your favorite styling product and use duckbill clips to hold the parting in place. Finally, dab on some firm-hold gel and blowdry across the part to set the style. Remove the clips, and you’re done!
Side Part Natural Hair BobSide Part Natural Hair Bob
Beloved by fashion editors and influencers worldwide, the wavy lob adds a sophisticated, cool-girl touch to any outfit. It’s also one of the best hairstyles for a round face. That is because the waves soften the perimeter, disguising the wide cheekbones and large forehead, while the lob length pulls attention away from the jawline and makes your face appear longer. While a side parting is ideal for ladies with round faces to create an asymmetric effect, a center part would also work if the waves are placed correctly.
Wavy LobWavy Lob
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