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4 perfect haircuts for men with receding hairline – Times Now

While some people are blessed with a good hairline, there is a handful who have to struggle with bald spots or thinning of hair. There are genetic reasons involved in receding hairlines but sometimes too much stress and loss of appetite could be one cause of developing bald spots.
There are a hundred difficult things that one is expected to worry about as an adult. While those may seem like a part of adulting, receding hairline or loss of hair hurts the most. There are a couple of ways for you to correct this, improving your diet being the first one. But all measures like toupee and hair transplantation take time and cost truckload of pennies. In that case, it is best to work your way out with styles that don’t make your receding hairline too obvious. 
Instead of opting for styles that make your hair bouncy from the top, pick the ones that conceal your hairline. Your haircut should look natural and not something this is forcefully hiding your bald spots.
Plus, it should make you feel confident and also compliment your personality. However, this does not make that you have to hide your receding hairline, if you are confident with your look, keep up with that for it is an attractive quality. 
Haircuts to opt for if you have receding hairline:
Buzz cuts are a trendy hairstyle that men from all age groups can style regardless of the receding hairline. They add layers and volume to your locks and effortlessly conceal bald spots in the front. Buzz cuts look totally dapper when styled with three-day stub look. 

Very similar to a buzz cut, the crew cut is perfect for those who don’t want very short or revealing hairstyle. Take a look at the picture to understand the difference better:

Embrace your receding hairline by back-combing your locks. This is the simplest hairstyle that you can sport anytime provided you have a hair product like gel or spray. This hairstyle looks classy and has a very gentlemanly vibe to it. 

You know what mohawk hair is right? Well, we are not asking you to style that but a just more acceptable version of it. You have to go short on the sides and push all your hair towards the centre of your crown. This is perfect for taming thin hair that keeps flowing meaninglessly. 

These are top four haircuts that you can sport for your thin hair or bald spots but frankly, this won’t help your cause to the fullest. You need to take good care of your hair and attend to its needs.
Here are a few tips for those who want to tackle their receding hairline issue:


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