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Mum searches for new school for son after he is 'excluded for haircut' –

A mum has been left baffled after her 15-year-old son was excluded from school for a haircut he has had for years.
Year 11 pupil Tyrelle Richards has his hair plaited and shaved at the sides, which he has had since starting at the school in Year 7.
But the Ellis Guildford School in Basford, Nottingham said the style is now not acceptable due to a new set of rules.
The teenager is now ‘too anxious’ to return, and his mum is hoping to transfer him elsewhere.
Mum-of-three Charlotte Carruthers, 35, said: ‘He’s always had the same haircut, ever since he joined the school in Year 7.
‘Other students have similar hairstyles and nothing has happened to them, it feels like it’s just against my child.
‘I have no idea why they’ve done it. It makes no sense to me.
‘How can a hairstyle stop a child from learning? To me whether you’ve got dreadlocks, wearing a turban or are bald how does any of it affect your ability to learn at school? That shouldn’t affect anything in my eyes.
‘They didn’t give a reason other than it was new school rules on hairstyles, but I’m not aware of any new rules.’
Tyrelle was sent home from school on Monday after arriving with the hairstyle, and was told he would not be allowed to return until it grew out.
‘He missed out on Year 10 because of Covid and now he’s been kicked out because of a hairstyle,’ added Charlotte.
‘During his most important year as well, it makes no sense.
‘He’s just said he wants to move school because he feels like he shouldn’t have to change his hair to be able to come to school, and I totally agree.
‘He’s upset, I know that. His friends have even gone on social media and posted a picture asking why this happened.
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She said the events have caused Tyrelle ‘stress and anxiety’ and she is now looking to transfer him to another school.
Charlotte added: ‘We have applied for him to go to another school and fingers crossed that he will get in.
‘He does not want to return to this school after everything he had to go through.
‘He is too anxious to return to a school that caused him so much stress.’
After she went to local media with her story, she said the school called her yesterday morning and denied her son had been excluded.
The mum said: ‘They denied on the phone that they have ever excluded the child because of his haircut.
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‘When I asked the teacher on the phone what was the reason for his exclusion, he just tried to fog me like nothing has ever happened.
‘I just wish I would have recorded the first conversation because that conversation was just nonsense.’
She further claimed Tyrelle will be made to spend a day in school when he returns ‘to reflect in isolation’, in accordance to the school’s guidelines.
‘After all the stress that he has been through they are asking him to do that,’ she said.
‘When I asked them why they could not give me an answer.’ has contacted the Ellis Guildford School for comment.
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