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20 Best Hair Growth Vitamin Products for Men and Women 2021 | Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber – Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

It is no secret that the right vitamins and natural hair care supplements can redefine one’s appearance completely. In this regard, most high-quality hair growth products contain certain natural ingredients known to revitalize one’s hair and assist with follicular regeneration.
Also, when choosing a supplement, most people now can utilize products that can either be taken externally or applied onto one’s scalp. In this list, we have sought to rank some of the best hair growth products in the market today. So without any further ado, let’s get straight into the heart of the matter.

Top Hair Growth Products in 2021

Hair La Vie

image 6

Hair La Vie is one of the most sought-after ranges of hair care products currently in the market today. The company presently offers various shampoos, serums, and conditioners, which, when used regularly, can help users obtain stunning results in a natural and risk-free manner.
All of Hair La Vie’s products are marketed towards women, with many female product users claiming that they could reap tremendous benefits — such as faster hair growth, vital looking follicular strands — through the use of the company’s various offerings. Some of the company’s most prominent supplements include:

  • Foundation Collagen Elixir
  • The Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins, PhytoCera
  • Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins

Last but not least, it should also be pointed out that the firm currently sells a range of topically applicable products, including Lash24, No. 77 Leave-In, amongst others, with each of these products being sold for anywhere between $9.99 to $89.99.

Essential Elements Hair Hero

image 2

Essential Elements Hair Hero is a nutritional supplement that comes replete with a range of dietary additives added to some of Hair La Vie’s Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins, one of the top-ranked options on our list.
Often referred to simply as HH, Hair Hero has been designed using a range of natural ingredients, including collagen, biotin, saw palmetto, amongst others. Not only that, but the formula also features certain herbal derivatives such as horsetail, bamboo stem, and leaf extract, two nutrients that have been closely studied and found to help aid hair growth.
Lastly, it should be pointed out that as per the official company website, using this supplement makes it possible for users to acquire specific natural vitamins, nutrients, and plant extracts that are essential for optimal follicle health. Price-wise, the product is currently available for a base sum of just $30, making Hair Hero one of the most economically viable supplements in the market today.

Hair La Vie’s Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins

image 9

The second Hair La Vie entry on our list is the company’s Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamin formula that has been designed to work from the outside in (it is to be taken orally). When used as recommended, the supplement has a natural capacity to repair one’s hair and fortify one’s natural scalp cells.
In terms of dosage, the manufacturer claims that to reap optimal benefits, take one capsule in the morning and one’s breakfast and then one pill at night with one’s dinner. Ingredients-wise, each product serving comes replete with natural ingredients such as saw palmetto extract, organic kelp, horsetail herb, and bamboo leaf and stem, amongst other nutrients.
At press time, a single bottle of Hair La Vie’s Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins is available for a reasonable sum of $39.99.


image 5

Marketed as one of the most natural hair care products in the market today, Folital is primarily a supplement that seeks to help make one’s follicles stronger. The supplement contains 29 plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients per the manufacturer.
Alternatively, the formula can be thought of like a multivitamin concoction that is designed to not only help strengthen one’s mane but also provide users with a range of other benefits such as:

  • The product seems to reduce hair loss
  • The active ingredients in the mix may be helpful in detoxifying one’s follicular cells.
  • The product may help mitigate a range of issues related to inflammation that a person may be facing.

Folital comes packed with certain nutrients designed to help improve the overall bioavailability of our scalp cells, thereby allowing users to absorb critical nutrients in a much more efficient manner. A single bottle of Folital is currently available online for a base price of just $69.

Hair Revital X

image 10

As the name seems to quite clearly suggest, Hair Revital X is a supplement that claims to help balance out the body’s natural DHT levels. For those unaware, DHT is a hormone associated with follicular loss and the thinning of hair.
The manufacturer claims that Hair Revital X may stimulate the body’s natural hair growth mechanisms when taken regularly. Not only that, but it can also help fortify one’s follicles while also reversing any receding-related issues that one may be faced with.
From a composition standpoint, it should be mentioned that Revital X comes in the form of an oral supplement and a serum.
Lastly, the supplement is aimed at both men and women and is one of the few products validated by a professional medical expert. It is currently available for a price of $59.

Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

image 7

Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins are designed to accelerate the body’s natural hair growth efforts. When used as prescribed, the product claims to provide users with a range of productive benefits such as:

  • It can help promote healthy hair formation.
  • It can allow one’s mane to obtain a vital shine and bright appearance.

Compositionally speaking, Hair La Vie comes packed with a host of natural ingredients such as amla berry, reishi mushroom extract, vitamin E, saw palmetto, and hydrolyzed collagen. According to the official company website, the product has been tested by several individuals worldwide, all of whom claim to have benefitted immensely through the use. That being said, the veracity of these claims cannot be affirmed by us.
At press time, the product is available online for a sum of $59.99.


image 12

Currently available online at, as the name seems to quite clearly imply, Hers is a haircare product that seeks to help target some of the most pressing follicular issues currently affecting women. When combined with other supplements such as Salon Strength System, Complete Hair Kit, Rapid Repair Masks, Detox Scalp Scrubs, the product can allow users to obtain excellent benefits within weeks.
Additionally, it should also be noted that Hers is also currently selling specialized products such as Biotin Gummies and eyelash strengthening serums made with highly efficacious natural nutrients. All of the company’s products are currently priced between $20 and $80.


image 13

Much like our previous entry, Hims is a male-centric supplement manufacturing firm that offers users a range of FDA-approved hair loss treatments like minoxidil. Many of our users may be well aware that it is an effective topical treatment of hair loss. The company also offers a range of other side products (including shampoos, conditioners, gummies, topical finasteride), which can help spur one’s hair growth efforts when used in conjunction with one another. All of the products are priced between $20 to $80.

Har Vokse

image 11

Har Vokse is a nutraceutical that has been designed to help support one’s hair growth journey at various stages of its progression. Many people who have used the product claim that it is one of the world’s most premium hair is rejuvenating complexes with a unique mix of marine protein, antioxidants, vitamins, etc.
Some of the core benefits associated with the regular use of Har Voske include:

  • The supplement can help strengthen one’s hair.
  • It is designed to fortify one’s scalp cells.
  • The active ingredients in the formula can help protect one’s hair.

As per the official manufacturer website, the supplement uses certain nutrients that Norwegian researchers have discovered to mitigate issues related to balding and reverse some of the apparent signs of a receding hairline. Last but not least, it should be pointed out that the product comes backed by a full 60-day money-back guarantee in case users are not entirely satisfied with the quality of the product or the results obtained through its use.
A single bottle of Har Voske is currently available online for a sum of $59.95.


image 4

As some of our regular readers may be aware, Foligray is a hair support supplement that has been designed using copper, folic acid, and biotin. In addition to promoting hair growth, the supplement also seeks to improve the pigmentation of our strands, an aspect no other product on this list focuses on.
Foligray has been designed using a precise blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to affect pigmentation at the very cellular level. Not only that, but the supplement also comes loaded with a specialized enzyme called catalase which has been clinically shown to reduce the levels of hydrogen peroxide in the body. For those unaware, hydrogen peroxide is known to affect the color of one’s hair.
At press time, a single unit of Foligray is available for purchase at just $28.95.


image 18

Nutrafol is a range of hair support formulas that men, as well as women, can use. When taken regularly, the manufacturer claims that its various offerings can make one’s hair grow faster and improve the body’s natural wellness levels in a quick, streamlined fashion.
Some of Nutrafol’s most well-liked offerings include Nutrafol Women, Postpartum, Balance, and Men. These products are designed to provide targeted hair growth advantages while also addressing many of the body’s natural needs.
From a clinical standpoint, it should be highlighted that as per a recent trial, 84% of all individuals who used Nutrafol saw that their hair became thicker, stronger, and softer. It should also be pointed out that an increasing number of top salons across the globe are beginning to make use of the supplement in recent years. All of the company’s products are priced anywhere between $59 – $79.

Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment

image 8

The next Hair La Vie supplement on our list is Renewing Growth Treatment. This supplement comes packed with a concentrated, multi-level formula designed to help users obtain stronger, denser-looking hair.
Since the product comes in a topical solution, it can be applied quite easily on one’s scalp. The ingredients in the mix are all highly bioavailable and are absorbed by the body at an extremely rapid rate. At press time, the supplement is available for a base sum of just $35 per bottle. It contains many highly efficacious ingredients, including Ecklonia cava, Cap Auxein G2, Capixyl, AquaCat, Procataline, etc.

Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze

image 14

Kintsugi’s Amplifying Glaze is one of the more recent products that made its way into the market. Quite like many of the other products listed out in this article, Kintsugi’s Amplifying Glaze is designed to help coat one’s hair with a host of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
As per the manufacturer, when used daily, the supplement helps provide one’s hair with a nourishing all-in-one treatment that allows for several benefits such as:

  • It helps provide one’s mane with a flexible hold.
  • It can help make one’s hair look thicker, fuller, and denser.

From a compositional standpoint, each serving of this potent formula comes packed with a range of marine extracts, premium polymers, and therapeutic protein compounds. Lastly, the supplement can even reverse some apparent signs of hair loss and dullness that one may be suffering from. At press time, a single bottle of this product is available for $68

Kintsugi KeraNew

image 15

Much like its predecessor listed above, Kintsugi’s KeraNew hair growth formula has been designed to support one’s mane from the inside out. The product comes packed with a range of nutrients known to strengthen each hair strand in our body while also providing users other benefits.
Price-wise, a single bottle of this supplement is available for a base sum of $78, making KeraNew one of the more expensive hair care products available in the market today. When used as advised, the formula can help users obtain softer, silkier hair while improving the luster of one’s follicles.

Nutrafol Women

image 17

One of the most famous women’s hair loss products in the market today, Nutrafol Women has garnered much traction across the globe over the last couple of years. To put things into perspective, Nutrafol Women won the 2018 Best of Beauty Breakthrough award from Allure Magazine while being praised by several dermatologists worldwide.
In this regard, it should be noted that as per a study released recently, a total of 86% of all participants indicated that their hair growth improved significantly after they started using the Nutrafol. Ingredients-wise, the supplement comes loaded with a range of highly productive compounds, including collagen, tocotrienol complex, ashwagandha, amongst others.
These patients are known to work with each other synergistically, allowing users to mitigate their stress-related symptoms, an aspect that can help make it easier to grow hair. At press time, a single bottle of Nutrafol Women is available online for a base price of around $79.


image 24

Viviscal is another fast-growing product that claims to help both men and women in a matter of just 90-days. In its most basic sense, Viviscal can be thought of as a hair growth supplement backed by many studies, including published clinical trials. As per data accrued from these research trials, over 90% of the individuals who used the product claimed to have witnessed a tangible increase in their hair volume within three months.
According to data available online, thousands of individuals have been helped by using this product. The formula claims to deliver its effects in four stages, giving users noticeably thicker, mainly when used in conjunction with Viviscal’s other hair care products, including a Densifying Shampoo, the Densifying Conditioner, and the Densifying Elixir.
Price-wise, a single bottle of Viviscal is currently available for a base price of just $40.


image 20

One of the few products on this list to be sold across several major retailers, including Walmart, Profollica is a new hair growth formula designed to slow down hair loss and promote faster regrowth. According to the makers of this supplement, the formula can reduce hair fall by a whopping 90% in men.
In this regard, it should be highlighted that as per a recent clinical trial, 87.5% of all men who claimed to have used the supplement experienced hair growth. Profollica is designed using a dual-action formula with a serum and a supplement packed with various nutrients such as niacin, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, iodine, manganese, water, Ginkgo Biloba.
At press time, a single bottle of Profollica is priced at $75.95.

Nutrafol Men

image 16

Commonly referred to as Nutrafol His, as the name seems to quite clearly imply, Nutrafol Men is a male hair growth formula designed to increase the thickness of one’s male while also maximizing scalp coverage in a quick, effective manner resourceful fashion.
When taken as prescribed, the supplement seeks to target and weed out some of the core issues that have been found to cause thinning (such as hormonal imbalance, stress, and poor nutrition. Lastly, it should also be highlighted that Nutrafol Men is one of the few supplements to be dermatologically recommended and was also the winner of the 2019 Esquire Grooming award. At press time, the supplement is available for a base sum of just $79.


image 21

Much like many other products listed above, Restolin is also designed to work primarily as a hair regrowth supplement that comes replete with a wide range of natural ingredients. The formula is the brainchild of William Anderson, a man who claims to have devised the formula using a complex blend of carefully chosen compounds such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-glucan, pine bark, Essiac tea complex, quercetin, and lycopene.
While most supplements seek to flood the body with a range of hair growth nutrients, Restolin is designed to provide the system with a wide array of antioxidants that can help neutralize any free radicals present in our scalp and hair cells. At press time, a single bottle of Restolin is available for a base price of $69.

Divine Locks

image 1

Divine Locks is a highly specialized product that targets one particular part of the scalp, referred to as the dermal papillae. The dermal papillae are responsible for hair loss, thinning, and other issues for those not aware. Therefore, by optimizing the functionality of these glands, the supplement seeks to transform an individual’s appearance naturally.
Ingredient-wise, each serving of this potent product comes packed with a range of highly nutritious, efficacious ingredients such as MSM, biotin, selenium, astaxanthin, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are known to work in synergy with one another to help provide users with benefits such as:

  • Increased detoxification
  • Improved follicle moisturization

Lastly, to obtain optimal benefits related to this supplement, one must take two pills of Divine Locks a day. At press time, the supplement is available for just $39.


image 22

According to several reviews available online, Revifol is a nutrition-centric hair growth product that comes loaded with a cocktail of super nutrients that can help spur the rate at which our follicles can produce hair. However, what truly sets the product apart from its peers is that while most other hair enhancement formulas aim to support follicular growth, Revifol can purportedly regrow hair in bald spots.
In this regard, the official product website is full of before and after images where men have entirely transformed their receding hairlines within a matter of weeks. Pricewise, a single unit of Revifol is available for a base sum of $69.


image 19

As many of our regular readers may be well aware, Procerin is an entirely natural hair growth formula that comes in a tablet form. Since its inception, the supplement has been marketed as a male-oriented baldness solution that can allow its users to start seeing tangible benefits within just weeks of use. Some of the core features of this product include:
Procerin contains several natural components known to help revitalize hair follicles in a quick yet sustainable fashion.
The core active agents contained in the product are designed to prevent DHT production. DHT is a hormone that is directly linked with male pattern baldness.
In addition to all this, the manufacturer claims to have finished an IRB-approved clinical trial where 94% of all the participants reported reduced hair loss after they started using Procerin. Lastly, it should be pointed out that a three-month money-back guarantee protects each bottle of this supplement.
Price-wise, a single unit of Procerin is currently available for a base sum of $49.99.


image 3

The second last entry on our list is Folexin, a follicle enhancer that has been designed using a vast array of specialized vitamins, minerals, and natural herbal extracts. All of the included ingredients have been shown to work in conjunction with one another to help users obtain radiant, strong, and beautiful hair. Not only that, but the manufacturer also claims that the active agents contained in the mix can help spur the body’s natural biological hair growth mechanisms.
Dosage-wise, two capsules of Folexin should be ingested daily — once in the morning and once before going to bed. As per several reviews available online, users should start to see the appearance of thick, strong, and healthy hair within two weeks. Compositionally speaking, Folexon comes packed with a wide range of nutrients available in many products listed above. However, what makes the supplement stand out is the presence of L-tyrosine and horsetail extract.
Lastly, it should be highlighted that Folexin is currently available for just $25, making it one of the most affordable hair growth formulas available in the market today.


image 23

The final product to be featured on our list is Valotin, a company that currently has a wide array of hair care products designed to support hair growth in multiple ways. For example, the firm sells an oral supplement meant to promote hair growth from the inside out. However, users can also purchase the company’s topically applicable serum, shampoo, and conditioner.
The manufacturer is based out of Richmond, Virginia, and offers bundles currently priced between $50 to $68 depending on which Valotin products users choose to purchase. From an ingredient standpoint, the company’s shampoos and serums come loaded with a range of productive nutrients present in some of the high-quality products on our list.
On the other hand, the oral version of Valotin features precise doses of vitamin A, vitamin B1, biotin, zinc, PABA, L-tyrosine, horsetail extract, saw palmetto, plant sterols, making the supplement quite similar to Folexin composition-wise.

FAQs about Hair Growth Supplements

It is but natural that users will have questions when they choose a hair growth formula. This section will seek to answer some of the most common questions people tend to have concerning these products.

Q: Can daily hair loss be that intense?

A: Yes, as men and women start to age, they can begin to lose an average of 100-150 hair strands daily. That being said, just because the body may be shedding hair does not mean a person is going bald.

Q: What is the typical number of follicles that an average human being should have?

A: The average male/female scalp contains more than 100,000 hair follicles.

Q: Is baldness usually inherited from one’s mother’s side?

A: There seems to be a long-standing myth across the world that baldness primarily emanates from one’s mother’s genetic history. However, several recent scientific studies have shown that baldness can be inherited from either side of one’s parentage.
From a purely scientific standpoint, an individual can inherit baldness from either side of their family. For example, if one’s dad’s side of the family is primarily bald, there is a good chance that the progeny will meet the same fate.

Q: What does hair loss classify as — i.e., the symptom of a disease or a standalone medical condition?

A: Both. Medical researchers believe that hair loss can be viewed as a symptom and a medical condition in itself. For example, many problems such as thyroid and anemia can result in a person suffering from hair loss.

Q: Who should I ideally consult when discussing my hair loss issues?

A: Although many people are satisfied by talking to a GP to allay their fears if a person’s hair loss has been sudden, it is best to speak to a dermatologist. A dermatologist is a person that has specialized in the field of skin, hair, nails and is therefore in a much better position to provide individuals with a detailed diagnosis of their particular condition.

Q: Can you please talk about the growth phases that one’s hair witnesses?

A: As per several clinical studies, there are three primary phases during which the human body grows hair — i.e., anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. There is active growth of one’s hair in the anagen phase, while strands break down in the catagen phase. Lastly, the telogen phase is when the body’s natural growth mechanisms enter into a resting period. In this regard, it should be highlighted that whenever the body lets go of its hair, it does so during the catagen or telogen phase.

Q: How long does a strand of hair usually survive?

A: Healthy hair under general conditions can survive on one’s scalp for a period of up to 36 months and even more. This means that a healthy strand of hair can remain in the anagen phase for about three years straight before starting to lose its innate vitality.

Q: How much of my hair is in a telogen state at any given time?

A: Experts believe that anywhere around 10% of one’s total hair content remains resting at any given point. To elaborate further on this point, we can see a three-month period where one’s hair starts to lose its vitality, eventually falling out one by one.

Q: Can external events have a significant impact on our hair production potential?

A: Absolutely. Several lifestyle factors can have a significant effect on how our hair grows. For example, a major disruptive event in one’s life can cause up to 30% of one’s hair to enter the telogen phase. Other factors that cause male pattern baldness and follicular degeneration include childbirth, high fevers, illnesses, sudden weight loss, crash dieting, surgeries, stressors, etc.

Q: Can you please elaborate on the condition referred to as androgenic alopecia?

A: Quite simply put, androgenic alopecia is merely another name given to the widespread problem of male pattern baldness. The condition is typically associated with individuals who have a family history of the problem. Also, even though it was widely considered that androgenic alopecia was a male-centric issue, in recent years, the situation has started to be witnessed in women as well.

Q: Can the chemicals contained in most shampoos result in hair fall?

A: Even though there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that using shampoos daily can accelerate hair loss, there is data that shows that many conditioners, colors contain additives that are not conducive to healthy hair growth.

Q: Can using certain hairstyles result in hair loss?

A: Though there is not much medical evidence in this regard currently, it is entirely possible that people who tie their hair tightly can be faced with some sort of long-term hair loss issues.

Q: What is the most common reason for people to experience hair loss?

A: Simply put, a vast majority of all hair loss issues are hereditary — both in men as well as women. It is estimated that a whopping 50% of men lose their hair during their lives, and nearly 25% of women suffer from the same problem.

Q: Is there any way to regain one’s lost hair without the use of any surgical means?

A: Yes. When writing this article, it should be pointed out that the FDA has officially approved two drugs helpful in treating male pattern baldness. These include Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride). Furthermore, it should be highlighted that while the former can be bought quite easily at any pharmacy (i.e., over the counter), the latter can only be acquired if a person has a proper prescription.

Q: Can prolonged stress also result in hair loss?

A: It is entirely possible that exposure to continued stress can result in an individual’s hair falling out. Furthermore, it should be highlighted that stress can result in the release of hormones such as cortisol, which can also result in one’s strands falling out quite rapidly. That being said, stress-related hair loss is usually temporary, and once a person can control their anxiety levels, the hair fall effects can be reversed quite easily.

Q: What’s the easiest way to treat hair fall?

A: There is no other way to put it, but male pattern baldness tends to be permanent in most cases. However, recent medical data suggest some supplements that men can use to reverse their balding symptoms on their scalps.

Q: What is the cause of thinning hair?

A: Several factors could cause a person’s hair to start thinning. For example, a lot of studies suggest that issues such as poor dietary intake, genetic factors, age can all contribute to hair loss

Q: How quickly does hair grow?

A: From a purely statistical standpoint, it needs to be mentioned that hair growth usually occurs at a rate of 0.5 and 1.7cm per month (or 0.2 to 0.7 inches per month). That being said, things like age, gender, lifestyle choices all play a part in how fast one’s hair can grow.

Q: How do most supplements tend to work?

A: Most high-quality supplements contain vitamins, minerals, plants, herbal extracts that are meant to support hair growth in a variety of different ways. For example, some products target inflammation, while others help alleviate any oxidation issues that one may be suffering from. Lastly, some are designed to help spur strand growth at the follicle level.

Q: What is Viviscal?

A: As highlighted in an earlier section, Viviscal is designed to work as a dual-action hair care system backed by nearly a quarter-century worth of research. It is one of the most popular hair care products available in the market today.

Q: Which vitamins and minerals should I regularly consume to treat hair loss?

A: Multiple scientific studies have shown that Vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, and specific B vitamins (like biotin) can either help spur hair growth (and in some cases even reverse the visible signs of balding that one may be faced with).
On the other hand, enough data suggest that zinc, iron, and copper can directly impact one’s hair growth.

Q: How often is it advisable to shampoo my hair?

A: In the opinion of most experts, it is recommended that individuals shampoo their hair anywhere between 1-3 times a week, depending upon the dryness and vitality of one’s scalp. The goal of the entire process is to remove any dead skin cells and chemicals that may have accumulated in our pores.

Q: What causes hair loss?

A: The most apparent issue that leads to hair loss in men and women is usually androgenic alopecia — also referred to as hereditary hair loss. The second most prominent problem linked with hair loss is aging. In this regard, it should be highlighted that as a person starts to become older, their body starts to lose its natural ability to retain its older follicular structures.

Q: Can hair repair formulas be trusted?

A: Most high-quality hair supplements are designed to support one’s natural growth mechanics by supplying the body with specific vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. That being said, very few products have been shown to reduce the apparent signs of balding.

Q: Can shaving help spur one’s natural hair growth?

A: As things stand, there is no objective evidence suggesting individuals can get their mane back thicker and more voluminous by simply shaving their hair.

Q: How long before I can start to see results after using hair loss supplements?

A: As a general rule of thumb, most high-quality hair loss products can take up to 90 days to drive their results. However, some products also claim to deliver tangible benefits within a matter of weeks. Not only that, some topical solutions claim to provide results within days or even hours of application.

Q: How can I stop my ongoing hair loss symptoms?

A: Once hair loss processes have started in one’s body, it can become quite challenging to stop the process. However, certain products can be used to impede this phenomenon, albeit temporarily.
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