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The 6 Best Wig Glues, According to Celebrity Hairstylists –

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Top picks from celebrity hairstylists Kellon Deryck and Kahh Spence.
It turns out knees of steel and an innate ability to follow an eight-count routine aren’t the only requirements to reaching Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé-esque levels of performing. The ability to freely whip luscious waves across the stage without worry lies in a secret and very handy little product called wig glue.”Wig glue is an adhesive that tends to be stronger than any hairsprays or gels that are used to attach your hair unit,” celebrity hairstylist Kellon Deryck, the go-to person for Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls, and more, tells Wig glue can give your unit a long-lasting hold and give your lace the most natural finish ever.”A lot of my clients are very active,” Deryck adds. “From performing four-hour concerts or playing sports for World Cups and tournaments, I struggled with finding a glue that stayed tight during heavy sweating and lots of hair tosses.” So he made his own. Ahead, the best wig glues to keep your wig on flat-flat, as recommended by Deryck and fellow celebrity stylist Kahh Spence.
To ensure his star clients’ units don’t shift during performances, Deryck formulated an adhesive that is sweat-proof and “can last for weeks after 20-minute sauna steams daily,” he adds. “I’m honestly scared to use anything else when it comes to performance with HD cameras for the world to see.”
If you’ve watched enough YouTube lace frontal tutorials, I’ma Slay Yo Bae’s popular glue will keep popping up. Atlanta-based hairstylist Jazminne formulated several wig adhesives, including this one specially made for sensitive skin.
Of all the glues on the market, Kahh Spence—hairstylist to Kehlani, Ella Mai, and more—keeps returning to the Bold Hold Extreme Cream Wig Glue by The Hair Diagram. Why? “This glue has the strongest hold and is the safest,” he explains. “I typically work with performers or women who are more active, so if this glue can last through a four-hour performance with dancing, it will definitely be efficient for an active/on-the-go woman.”
Bold Hold’s line of wig adhesives can be found in pretty much every hairstylist’s bag.  To expand on its best-selling series, the brand created Lace Gelly, which is strong enough to hold your wig in place but not as strong as the signature glue.
Another alternative to wig glue, ORS Olive Oil’s Grip Gel is formulated with castor oil to nourish your edges while the wig is set in place.
The creme de la creme of wig glues is the Ghost Bond adhesive. It’s pretty strong, so it’s wise to leave the bonding to a professional. 


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