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I Just Learned These 13 Historical Fashion And Beauty Facts And, Honestly, I'm Creeped Out – BuzzFeed

When they say beauty is suffering, I think this is what they meant.
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These lotus shoes were cone and sheath-shaped footwear and were made to help keep feet from growing. The practice was officially outlawed in 1912, but there are still some traces of the practice happening in secret years after.
You guessed it — a lot of people died from infections (and probably a needle to the eye).
Lots of women had nausea, impaired vision, terrible skin reactions, and more. Oh, and a lot of garment makers died from the fumes.
Yes, it resulted in weight loss. But the tapeworms could also attach themselves to other vital organs and cause infections.
It would lead to severe burns, bald spots, and sometimes lethal damage.
Many women will wear these brass coils for the rest of their lives, as the practice severely weakens neck muscles, which after some time can’t support the head anymore.
Pieces of iron were placed into cups of tea, and once oxidized, were drank to stain the teeth. It actually strengthened the teeth, as the black covering prevented tooth decay.
It caused rotting teeth, headaches, hair loss, and more.
He infamously said, “Yes, I freed the bust. But I shackled the legs.”
They were also super dangerous, and women actually died when their skirts caught flames from fireplaces. In fact, in 1858 it was estimated that there was an average of three deaths a week because of crinoline-related fires. 
Many men died in their sleep from slow asphyxiation after passing out from drinking.
It’s even referenced in the popular song “Yankee Doodle.”
The mercury was used to make sure fur used would stick to the hat. However, hat makers would inhale the chemical, and many died due to its results.


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