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TikToker gives away 'secret' recipe for discontinued Starbucks drink: '[They're] gonna get you' – Yahoo News UK

The Starbucks salted caramel mocha has been discontinued — but don’t fear! Dan McLaughlin is a coffee connoisseur here to democratize everyone’s favorite bean. 
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The TikToker with over 877,000 followers calls himself an “anti-elitism coffee roaster.” It’s likely because he eagerly gives away coffee retailers’ secrets while encouraging drinkers to brew their fancy lattes at home
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When a user warned him that “Starbucks is gonna get you [for] giving out the secrets,” he responded, “I’m always down to throw hands with the siren.” Then McLaughlin gave away the chain’s recipe for its salted caramel latte, which racked up 20 million views. The seasonal drink isn’t returning this autumn so you’ll definitely want to watch this. 
1.5 ounces chocolate syrup
0.5 ounces hazelnut syrup
0.5 ounces caramel syrup
Milk of your choice
Coffee or espresso, brewed 
McLaughlin’s steps:
1. First, he poured the chocolate, hazelnut and caramel syrups into a mug and combined them. 
“The salted camera mocha has chocolate and toffee nut but toffee nut is kind of hard to come by,” McLaughlin said. “Good thing it’s just caramel and hazelnut combined.”
He added in the comment section, however, that toffee nut is its own syrup but caramel and hazelnut make a “near-identical substitute.” 
2. Next, McLaughlin added the shot of espresso and thoroughly mixed it in. 
3. He poured the steamed milk into the glass without mixing. 
4. The barista topped the drink off with caramel syrup. Then he sprinkled salt and sugar on top. 
“I know what you’re thinking, ‘What about that salt topping?’ I don’t know how to tell you this: It’s literally just salt and sugar,” McLaughlin explained.
To make an iced version of the drink, skip steaming the milk, just add ice and voila! Now you can make a Starbucks salted caramel mocha at home for a fraction of the price. 
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