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Woman Breaks Down in Tears Looking at Her New $300 Haircut – AmoMama

This month a woman shared a tearful clip of herself after she left the hair salon. She claims she spent $300 on the appointment, and the results left her looking like a “Karen.”
Netizens were recently amused by a viral sensation on TikTok, which featured @icarlyreboot. The woman calls herself a “tattooed comedian,” and her witty humor has garnered millions of views online.
Her pricey new hairstyle was not what she had envisioned when she sat down in the salon’s chair. However, like so many people, she left with a look that she was less than satisfied with. 
A woman shared a teary reaction after she paid $300 for a haircut that she disliked | Photo: TikTok/icarlyreboot

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In her video, which was captioned, “that’s Mrs. Pumpkin to you, ma’am,” the emotional red-haired TikToker expressed: “I just paid $300 to look like a [expletive] Karen. I look like I’m on the PTA. I swear I don’t drive a [expletive] minivan.” 
As she sobbed, she tried to embrace the new image her hair embodied. She looked into the camera and said: “Okay, let’s practice, ‘Let me speak to your manager.’” Afterwhich she burst into a mix of tears and laughter again. 
Is she going to complain to the manager?
In the clip’s comment section, the TikToker disclosed that she still tipped the stylist 20% for some reason! She entertained many users, and someone even offered her a funny compliment by calling her “the cutest Karen.” 
Lots of people also related to the hair experience, and one netizen said
“Girl I have been there! I got 8 inches cut off unplanned and the hairstylist kept cutting I was in tears.”
Actually, this whining attitude makes her look like a Karen🙄😫
Users were curious about what style she was actually going for when she went to the hairdresser. In a follow-up video, she showed viewers a few images that informed her initial inspiration. 
The TikToker also shared a clip in which she detailed more of the story and explained what happened when she returned to the salon. She told viewers that she was not given a refund despite her complaints and unhappiness.  
There were also a few users who liked the “Karen” hairstyle. One netizen wrote: “It’s chic. It’s french.” Another suggested a few ways to fix the hairdo. The user told her to “give it some curls or dye it.”
Netizens also encouraged her to go for a bold pixie cut or to shave it all off. However, none of that was necessary. Thankfully, when she revisited the salon, the stylist made a few helpful changes. She is now feeling much better about the haircut


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