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No, Machine Gun Kelly didn't actually shave his head – Page Six

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By Melissa Minton

August 12, 2021 | 12:06pm
Hair one day, gone the next.
Machine Gun Kelly is back to his normal self after shocking his fans with a seemingly shaved head and new skull tattoo earlier this week.
The alien-like look — for which Kelly, 31, worked with five makeup artists to cover all of his body tattoos and secure a bald cap — was actually just a costume for his “Papercuts” music video, which was released on Wednesday night.
While out with girlfriend Megan Fox on Wednesday, MGK was seen with his usual bleached-blond hair, sans the apparent hair extensions he’s been sporting since June.
The music video spotlights Kelly’s evolving style, showing him alternating between the “Last Airbender”-inspired look and the nearly shoulder-grazing hair he’s been rocking recently. He also channels his inner Edward Scissorhands in an unruly black wig and black lipstick.
Even the lyrics mention his locks: “Bleach my hair / mess it up / take my life / mess it up,” the song begins.
At about the 1:45 mark in the music video, Kelly rips off the wig cap, revealing his real hair underneath.
Fans seem relieved that MGK didn’t actually go bald. “Number 1: The song is f—king fire, jfc. Number 2: I’m so f—king happy he didn’t shave his head,” one commented on YouTube.
Though Kelly is back to his choppy platinum blond haircut, that doesn’t mean he won’t keep changing his look. The star has been experimenting with increasingly elaborate nail art and bolder red carpet looks lately, often coordinating with Fox’s sexy outfits.
“He’s always covered in grommets, zippers, sequins, everything’s pink, everything’s glowing,” Fox said recently of her “twin flame.”
“He’s always coming off of a stage show, so I have to match what he’s doing,” she added. “I have to, like, elevate myself to his level.”
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