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The Funk Boutique: The New Yeezys Look Like Something Off of a Golden Crust Menu – The Root

What, and I cannot stress this enough…the hell?

Yeezy has always been a very interesting clothing line and has pushed the boundaries of what fashion really is, but apparently, it has branched into the world of food and fashion, dropping what seems to be beef patty-inspired slipper shoes that remind me of the bottom of hospital socks.
According to Sneaker News, the “Sulfer” shoes are a knit runner sneaker that has the shoe size written plainly for everyone to see on the side.
The shape and design of the shoe is identical to the best-selling Yeezy Foam Runner and continue to show Ye’s desire to revolutionize laceless sneakers. Kanye teased these shoes in August 2020 and dropped on September 23, 2021.
GQ calls these the “weirdest sneaker yet,” and I’m inclined to agree. Early in June fans accused West of stealing the idea of the shoe from shoe cartoon Mickey Mouse wears, however, the beef patty-looking ass shoes are “basically fully knitted—a sweater for the foot.”
Sneaker News reports the rest of Yeezy’s 2021 collections will drop in October.
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“I can finally officially say that I am moving from Mj Rodriguez to Michaela Jaé,” the actress, singer and first-ever Emmy-nominated trans woman for a major acting role told Refinery 29. After Pose ended, Jaé wanted to continue to make a mark on the industry separate from her acting career. This summer she released her first single, “Something to Say,” which was heavy on the disco and sass. In her shoot with R29, she emanates class and disco in bold, neon colors by designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Robert Wun, and Qingzi Gao. And…her #FREEDOM shoot with Elle Brazil? Immaculate.
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Toni Braxton has dropped a skincare line targeted towards Black women and their skin so you can look like the Grammy-Award-winning singer too. Through Ulta Beauty, Braxton has launched five products, “The Creém,” “Luminous Splendor,” a body serum, shower gel and hair mist. Nude Sugar’s key ingredients include, “sugarcane squalane oil for hydration, to soothe redness and with anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as plump seed oil, to brighten and unify texture and tone. The packaging uses sugarcane-derived and post-consumer recycled materials.”

According to WWD, Braxton started this brand as a way to help people with the consequences that come with being in the sun and as a way to practice luxurious self-care at home.
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Montero dropped a week ago, so it’s high-time Lil Nas X began trolling the internet again. The singer partnered with Jean Paul Gaultier on a long sleeve mesh top with the artist’s face on it (of course) and “golden gothic text curves along the garment’s chest, bordered by flowers, fighting cupids and sexy eternal damnation,” according to Paper.
And devils, because it wouldn’t be a Lil Nas X drop without some form of trolling.
At the moment only the top is available, but fans are “praying” that the full set is dropped soon (it’s me, I’m “fans”).
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The vibrant and whimsical Harlem designer, Junny Ann Hibbert, debuted her Spring/Summer 2022 titled “Mama” at her first NYFW. The designer hails from Harlem and the Caribbean and drew inspiration from her mother for this collection. According to a press release provided to The Root, the collection is  “reminiscent of her mother’s love for nightgowns and slips…the collection features an array of silk dresses and gowns (with a hint of lace)—for a little bit of naughty, with an extra splash of nice, for the ultimate in fashionable wear.”
The homage to her mother is also a nod to strong women everywhere. This collection is for them, allowing them room to shine and hold court in a space that is so determined to knock them down.
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Gabrielle Union launched her clothing brand in Fall 2017, but even though it did well, she put it on hold for a few years, and now she’s reviving the brand through the Saadia Group. The line is based on Union’s wardrobe basics and classics. The collection screams fall with a color palette of soft neutrals and subtle pops of color. There are a few standout pieces such as a multi-color maxi dress, bold and sexy knits and the official fall staple, matching sets. The line will “embrace luxe textures and fabrics and will introduce denim to her line for the first time ever,” per a press release provided to The Root. The line will have monthly drops starting with the September 2021 drop. Prices range from $49.95-$149.95 and the sizes range from XS – XXL.
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Glossier prides itself on making beauty products inspired by real life. This year, Glossier announced their 2021 grantees, a group of ten individuals who are passionate about making a change in the beauty industry. Per a press release provided to The Root, this year’s cohort includes a skincare brand formulated for men with pigmented skin, a company creating afterbirth care packages, a haircare brand offering plant-based braiding hair and more. The ten grantees each receive a $50,000 grant, six months of dedicated advisory and business support, and be paired with a Glossier advisor: a senior member of the team with expertise in a priority area.
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