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Today's Savannah Guthrie makes major change to her appearance – fans react – HELLO!

Savannah Guthrie gave fans something to talk about when she switched up her hair in a big way on Friday!
The Today show host dazzled her social media followers after dying her highlighted tresses pink. 

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In an Instagram post which sparked a mass fan reaction, Savannah showed off her bold new look.
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The image showed Savannah smiling for the camera with her newly dyed hair worn loose beneath a fashionable black hat.
She captioned the post: “Ready for the weekend!! Pink hair dreams supplied by @kellymarieoneill. Can the anchor of TODAY have pink hair? Asking for a friend @libbyleist @tmazzarelli @petebreen.”
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Her fans immediately began chiming in and wrote: “Better see that pink hair on TV Monday,” and, “wow, love it”.
Savannah rocked her hot pink hair 
Many more urged her to keep her pink hues for work, while there were some who feared she’d be given the boot for her new look.
The TV star’s pink hair is quite the leap for Savannah who sent her fans wild earlier this year when she went blonde. 

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It was back in March when Savannah declared she was ready to have some fun and lightened up her locks. 
A post shared by Savannah Guthrie (@savannahguthrie)
Savannah questioned whether her pink hair was acceptable for work 
The television presenter injected a little excitement into her life with a post on Instagram in which she asked: “Do blondes have more fun?” and then added: “Launching investigation. Thanks for the sun @ritahazan.”
Savannah shared two close-up images of her hair and she appeared to have had bright highlights which gave her a sun-kissed new look. 
Before that, Savannah was playing with her parting and couldn’t decide if she suited a middle or side parting best before hilariously declaring: “Who gives a…”.
When Savannah isn’t working on set, she’s a mom to her two children, who we are sure will love her pink hair.
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