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5 bridal lessons to learn from Deepika Padukone – VOGUE India

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When Deepika Padukone got married to Ranveer Singh (in a multi-ceremony wedding in Italy), it was heard all around the world. Padukone has always known what works for her—she has a signature look down-pat—so fans knew what they could expect for her wedding beauty looks. But the bride took it up a notch, adding fun elements and dramatic additions that made them really stand out. Here’s what you can learn from her beauty picks now.
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Deepika Padukone loves a bold graphic eye, and she picks this makeup signature for a lot of red carpet events. When you’re going this bold with one feature, it is best to keep the others simple, so it stands out. Since Padukone has expressive eyes, a dramatic eye and nude lip was the perfect combination for her.
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If you’re going to be photographed a lot, makeup artists like suggesting a matte base that’ll look great on camera. A matte-finish product usually has less oil pigments in it, so it settles into the face and leaves a smooth finish that won’t look greasy in photos, and won’t slip-slide through the day either. For Padukone’s wedding day makeup look, Shekar picked a base product she’s always loved: the Chantecaille Future Skin Gel Foundation, because it settles well on the skin while staying matte, and finished with a matte powder like the Chantecaille HD Loose Powder on the T-zone.
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When it comes to your wedding day makeup looks, you’ll want to pick a look that you’ll always love, because the photos and memories will last forever. Padukone has always loved a matte base, lots of highlighter, metallic eyeshadow shades and a nude lip, so that’s exactly what she picked for her big day. Shekar agrees: “I believe in picking colours that suit your skin tone, as they will make you feel more comfortable rather than the on-trend colours of the moment. Metallic hues are a fail-safe bet, as they are timeless and won’t look dated when you’re going through your wedding album twenty years from now.”
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Whether you’re leaving your hair down in waves or tying it up into a bun, it is important to make sure your strands are pinned back and sprayed so you don’t have to worry about pulling it back or fussing with it during the nuptials. Padukone’s wedding hairstylist Gabriel Georgiou created two distinct looks for the two traditional ceremonies—a tight bun for one, and then a braided bun for the other. “The hair was very simple, because everything was so heavy, the jewellery and the dupatta and stuff. Just a middle parting, slicked back for both looks. There was the maatha patti on the head, and then on top of that was the dupatta. The hair had to be strict, simple and strong enough to hold all that stuff. The bride needs to feel very secure and comfortable, so that even if she looks down, or she does this or she does that, nothing comes off,” he told Vogue India.
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It can be overwhelming to figure out what makeup route you want to take, because there are so many looks you can try, and there can be so much inspiration out there. Shekar likes to look at the outfit and then use the colours and textures there to decide a makeup look that’ll work accordingly—this is the tactic that she used to create Padukone’s final looks. “​​Take close note of the accent colours, such as gold, copper or any of the metallic tones, and pick that shade for the eyeshadow as the focal point of your makeup look. For me, directly matching the colours (for example, picking pink eyeshadow to go with a pink lehenga) is a major no-no. Take your cues from the colours of the threadwork, embroidery and embellishments instead.”
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