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15 easy braided hairstyles for Black Friday week – AZ Big Media

Lifestyle / 15 easy braided hairstyles for Black Friday week
Braided hairstyles are most of the women’s summer favorites, and they look great throughout the year. They not only protect your hair from any potential damage but are fuss-free and offer endless styling options.
Wearing a hairstyle that suits your vibe can be difficult with weaves, wigs, and even wash-and-go styles. When in doubt, braiding hairstyles are the perfect option.
Protective styles like box braids and cornrows are the most popular among women of all ages. However, there are many easy braided hairstyles that you can recreate. They can be a perfect choice for Black Friday this year, which is the best shopping season with amazing deals on your favorite things.
Here are the best easy braiding hairstyles that will make you look stunning this Black Friday:
There’s nothing more beautiful than a bob-length box braid hairstyle. The individual hair cuffs at the ends and the combination of hazel and dark honey wheat-colored extensions make this hairstyle stand out.
The hairstyle with side parts and laid edges accentuate the facial Crisscross features. This gorgeous hairstyle will surely attract eyeballs this Black Friday.
This waist-length toffee braided hairstyle is a trendy look that you can recreate with ease. This particular hairstyle does not require commitment because your natural hair isn’t braided down; instead, the hair is tied into a ponytail and braided with braiding hair extensions.
The waist-length, stylish and face-framing braids can also be formed with braiding hair extensions to add some volume and weight to them.

These high pigtails are super cute, and the best part is that they are really easy to recreate. Get your hair gel, rattail comb, edge control, elastic ties, and braiding hair extensions. For an easy and quick look, braid the pigtails in the three-strand braiding technique.
Tip: Go for gorgeous makeup with long lashes and pair the hairstyle with hoop earrings, a nose ring, and a necklace to jazz up the look. 
This double braided bun with box braids proves that two are, in fact, better than one. Look stunning during the biggest shopping season with this statement-making braided hairstyle.
If you already have box braids installed, then it will be extremely quick to recreate this look. Wrap your braids into a voluminous bun on each side, style your edges, and accessorize the buns with hair rings, cuffs, and beads.
The crisscross braids on the braided ponytail hairstyle elevate the look like no other hairstyle. To get the best crisscross braided ponytail, shop the best braiding hair extensions at the best prices during the Black Friday sales and sport this stunning braided ponytail hairstyle.
Make sure to spritz a moisturizing spray to keep the crisscross braids and ponytail looking fresh and healthy all day. Create a seamless look by using the braided strands to wrap around the base of the ponytail.
Jazz up your sleek low ponytail hairstyle with a super long braiding extension. The sleek base with braids from mid-shaft offers a dramatic and sophisticated look.
Whether you are wearing a dress or sportswear, or casuals, this sleek braided ponytail hairstyle makes you the center of attention wherever you go. Try this hairstyle on Black Friday and seize the day!
Tip: Brush your edges back for a seamless result.
The days when everyone’s braids looked the same are long gone. Bohemian braids are another braided hairstyle that offers a sophisticated look with loose ends to give a messy yet bold look. Make your boho braids stand out with burgundy-colored braids and hair rings on the face-framing strands.
Use either Indique’s French Refined Braiding Hair or Kinky Curly Braiding Hair to achieve these long boho braids, as the curl pattern of these extensions will leave you with a stunning result.
Box braids wrapped with a headband are a stunning hairstyle, as they give you a sophisticated look, and the hair does not disturb you by falling on your face. Opt for this hairstyle this Black Friday and stand out of the crowd while your comfort is intact.
Use a colorful or bright headband to secure the box braids. Style your edges, and don’t forget to add a few accessories to your braids. The style is simple, glamorous, and easy to recreate.
As the name suggests, stitch braids are a braided hairstyle created through the stitch in braiding technique. In this hairstyle, the hair is sectioned in horizontal lines and then braided into a cornrow.
The long curvy, and neat stitch braids will keep your hair away from the face and provide you with a trendy look.
Knotless braids are popular protective hairstyles, and women of all ages are proudly flaunting them. So, sport this stunning topknot hairstyle while shopping for braiding hair extensions and make jaws drop!
Make your facial features stand out with gorgeous makeup and simple accessories.
The double Dutch braided hairstyle is another look that will have people fawning over you. It is an easy hairstyle that you can recreate with long braiding extensions. Create a side part and leave small strands around the hairline to give your double Dutch braids a flair.
A high braided ponytail hairstyle is a classic and is great for every occasion. If you aren’t happy with the hairstyles mentioned above, this high braided ponytail hairstyle will compel you to wear it during your Black Friday week shopping spree.
Tip: Gently pull the braids to create a fuller look, and you are good to go!
If you are not one to spend hours styling your hair in the morning, then this thick, long goddess braids hairstyle is the one for you. With braiding extensions, you will be able to perfect this hairstyle in no time.
Create six braids and feed the extensions in to achieve length and volume. A neat parting is vital in this specific hairstyle. Keep your edges simple, and let your goddess braids be the center of attention.

Unicorn braids
Add pink, yellow, blue hues to your box braids and take this festive look to another level by parting the braids on the side. With the help of colored braiding extensions, you won’t even have to put your hair through bleach and dyes. Leave the ends unbraided to make your hairstyle stunning.
As mentioned earlier, protective hairstyles are great throughout the year, and these long straight braids hairstyle with face-framing pieces proves it.
This hairstyle is neatly divided into two parts with a vertical braid in the center. The framing pieces with jeweled ends make the long-braided hairstyle stand out. Tie your braids into a half ponytail to make the face-framing pieces stand out.
These stunning, easy-to-recreate braided hairstyles will make you look stunning this Black Friday. All these hairstyles are easy to achieve and can be recreated with braiding hair extensions.
Shop for the best braiding hair extensions from Indique Virgin Hair on this biggest shopping week of the year and get up to 50% off! Hurry, the braiding extensions won’t last long!

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