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Adriana Lima's Controversial Instagram Pic Causes Backlash, Mockery – Central Recorder

Model Adriana Lima has been hit with a wave of backlash following a controversial photo she posted to Instagram. Lima was accused by cultural appropriation in a photo she posted to Instagram. Many commented that Lima’s look was poor. 
Adriana Lima finds herself both in hot water and a subject of mockery after a recent photo she posted to Instagram. Lima is wearing a white blazer and no top. Her eye makeup is bold and vibrant, but it’s Lima’s caption, as well as her hairstyle, that many critics have latched onto. 
In the caption, Lima wrote, “Bringing a little of my urban/chic spirit to life this am,” followed by giving her crew credit for their help with her makeup, hair, and styling. After that, she credited herself for the artistic direction. That caption, combined with the fact that Lima’s hair was styled in cornrows, was what got some people hopping mad. Lima’s cornrows, which could be her real hair or perhaps a wig, come complete with “baby hairs” which swirl down the supermodel’s forehead along her hairline. 
Although there were some compliments, the majority of comments about the look were negative. One woman wrote, “Adriana, what is an urban spirit?” This person was likely referring to the fact that Lima’s look seems to be inspired by Black fashion and beauty trends, for which the phrase “urban” is often used as a synonym. 
Others focused on both the quality of Lima’s look and the implications that the caption had. “What is going on here? The low-quality baggy wig? The braided hair? Or you yourself named as ‘creative direction’ and identifying this as ‘urban’….. big miss,” Another commenter added. Another asked why Lima, who was clearly inspired by Black fashion, didn’t hire a Black hairstylist, adding, “this looks tragic, love.”  
Yet another sniped, “It’s the cultural appropriation for me. This doesn’t do anyone any good.” One surprising comparison came up again and again: many commenters, particularly on Twitter, insisted the Brazilian-born model looked like Shemar Moore.
This has to be the left over hair from Shemar Moore’s wig from “Diary of a Black Woman” 🤣🤣🤣
— Ms.Deanie85 (@Deanie85Ms) September 25, 2021
If you’ll recall, Shemar Moore wore a braided wig for his role in Tyler Perry’s Diary Of A Mad Black Woman, a look that was panned by pretty much everyone who saw the film. 
Lima has previously talked about her mixed-race heritage. She is a Brazilian-born woman who hails from Brazil’s melting pot. She lists African, Japanese and Portuguese as her ethnicities. Although her hair looks a little messy, it is unfair to accuse her of taking over a culture she claims to be her own.

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