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Cancer survivor offers free wigs to women who have lost their hair – Jamaica Star Online

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Kaydia Levien found herself in a state of denial after she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Just 31 years old at the time, the diagnosis was a lot for Levien to process. She said that she searched for forums with other similarly diagnosed young women for moral support but couldn’t find any.
Hoping to motivate and inspire women like herself who are battling breast cancer, Levien recently launched a YouTube channel. She is also getting ready to start a foundation, Heads up for Pink, Young Women’s Breast Cancer Support.
“There weren’t any platforms for persons my age, as I was told that the younger women were shy or afraid to speak. I somewhat felt alone, so this foundation that will be launched next month, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, will aid in supporting persons mentally, emotionally, and sometimes financially,” Levien said.
A businesswoman, Levien was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer last June 14. A few months later, thieves broke into her business and stole more than $1 million worth of goods. She depended on the income she earned from her establishment, ZM Entertainment and Parties Limited, to aid with medical bills. Despite the setback, she has been able to get treatment, but there were side effects.
“During chemotherapy I went bald, and I remember how I would cover my head around the house, and even when I was going to bed. I didn’t even want to go on the road bald, because from having long hair to bald was a lot to digest, but then I received two gifts and they were wigs. When I fitted them, I came alive instantly. They gave me an extra confidence,” she said
As a result of her experience, Levien plans to use her foundation to spread love, support and generosity. She told THE STAR that she will be donating four wigs and scarves weekly to female cancer fighters who have lost their hair as a result of having to do chemotherapy.
She said she was motivated to do so after seeing how her confidence level was boosted after she began wearing wigs, after chemotherapy caused her to go bald.
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