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Alexander Volkanovski hilariously explains how his bald head helped him get out of Brian Ortega's guillotine choke at UFC 266 – Sportskeeda

Alexander Volkanovski recently left ESPN journalist Laura Sanko in stitches. He said he shaved his head to be able to pop out of a guillotine choke during his fight with Brian Ortega. In an interview following his battle with Ortega, Volkanovski was asked whether shaving his head was sort of a pre-fight ritual for him.
In response, Alexander Volkanovski stated that there are two reasons why he chose to go bald ahead of his fight with Ortega. The first reason was the ongoing lockdown in Australia due to which the champ had been unable to get a haircut in a while. Secondly, Volkanovski hilariously claimed that he wanted his head to be slippery so he could slip out of a guillotine choke during the fight:
Volkanovski and Ortega went to war at UFC 266. The pair went the distance in a back-and-forth contest which Volkanovski won via unanimous decision.
Brian Ortega put a guillotine choke on Alexander Volkanovski during the fight. According to Volkanovski, the choke was deep and he almost thought he’d lose the title. However, he spectacularly escaped the spot and managed to gain top mount over Ortega, landing nasty ground-and-pound strikes thereafter.

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