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Kate Hudson's Stylist, Sophie Lopez, Gives Us A Lesson In Dressing With Colour – Grazia

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London-Colombian stylist Sophie Lopez is a wizard with colour. Her Instagram feed is a treasure trove of vibrant style cues and Pinterest-worthy ensembles. On the red carpet she garners headlines for her looks worn on the likes of Kate Hudson (can we take a moment for her most recent Venice Film Festival gown?!).
You could say Lopez’ bold sartorial choices go hand-in-hand with her career but ultimately her Hispanic heritage has lent creative inspiration for the celebrity stylist.
“I have such fond memories from my childhood of spending time in Colombia – the bright streets of Cartagena’s old town, the beautiful tapestries, tropical landscapes, lively music, and colourful clothing each serve as incredible creative inspiration,” Lopez tells GRAZIA. “These memories have been carried through into my work as a stylist and my own personal style aesthetic.”

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For Hispanic Heritage Month, her childhood has informed a newly-released and fashionable collaboration with Barbie. Dressed on a range of different shapes, hair and features, Barbie has received the ultimate makeover with neon colour blocking, ’80s-esque tie-dye and cult accessories. Lopez reflected on her earliest memory of the iconic doll and described the experience as a “full circle” moment.
“I would spend hours dressing up my Barbie, and I’d make outfits for them from whatever I could find, like discarded fabrics and ribbons,” she noted. “Barbie definitely helped inspire my choice of work, so working with the Barbie team for this collaboration feels very full circle.”
She continued, noting how her Latina culture inspired the pieces, “I wanted the collaboration to reflect the modern Latina of today, and it was important to me not to play into any outdated stereotypes. Across all Latin America, there are so many different countries, each with their own unique culture. I wanted that to be reflected in this collaboration and the Barbie’s I styled to feel strong, bold, unique and empowered!”
When it comes to Lopez’ styling formula – whether it be for Barbie or one of her many accomplished celebrity clients – apparently, there simply isn’t one. And when the opportune (brave) moment arrives to style with colour? For the novice, she recommends starting small.
“If you don’t usually wear colour then an accent is a good choice,” she advises. “A handbag or pair of shoes. If you feel bolder then a pair of coloured pants or a printed top is great with denim or a muted tone on your other half. But I love mixing prints so my advice is to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to let colours or prints clash in an interesting way.”

A post shared by Sophie Lopez (@sophielopez)

Discover Barbie, here.
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