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10 WWE/AEW Superstars who used to have long hair – Sportskeeda

Several WWE/AEW Superstars have made some changes to their looks in the past few years. A few of them ditched long hair for shorter cuts.
For some WWE/AEW Superstars, hair is a crucial part of their on-screen characters. The Universal Champion Roman Reigns, for example, prefers to wet his hair before going out to the ring because he finds it cool. Others, nonetheless, went the extra mile and changed their hairstyles completely.
Some of the current WWE/AEW Superstars, who are now bald or have short hair, used to have long locks years ago. Many fans might not remember how these wrestlers looked after years of seeing them with their current haircuts.
A few of these in-ring performers have changed their hairstyles by choice. However, others unwillingly said goodbye to their long hair.
Here are 10 WWE/AEW Superstars who used to have long hair
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WWE Superstar Cesaro is famous among the WWE Universe for his bald look. Nonetheless, the 40-year-old wrestler used to have long hair earlier in his career.
Before joining Vince McMahon’s company, the former United States Champion spent nearly 11 years wrestling in different other promotions. During that time, he wrestled on the independent circuit with long and slick locks. He later started losing his hair.
Last year, Cesaro posted a few photos of himself with hair on his Twitter account. In the post, the WWE Superstar explained that he started suffering from hereditary hair loss when he was 27 years old.
Cesaro made his WWE debut in 2012 in a match against Tyson Kidd. Back then, he was sporting the same look he has today. The 40-year-old has never appeared on WWE TV with long hair.
Jon Moxley spent nearly eight years in WWE before leaving to join AEW in 2019. He has been an AEW star for two years now. For the whole past decade, Moxley has been sporting a short haircut. Nonetheless, he used to have long hair.
Before joining WWE in 2011, Moxley had long hair that went down to his shoulders. He even dyed it pink once as he appeared in a WWE match against Val Venis in 2007.
After becoming a WWE Superstar, Moxley cut his hair a little shorter. He then cut his hair even more after joining AEW. He recently seems to be losing more of his hair.
Moxley’s wife, Renee Paquette, previously revealed that Moxley once shaved his hair bald.
Moxley is currently preparing to participate in the Casino Ladder Match at AEW Dynamite’s anniversary for a shot at the AEW World Title.

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