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8-Year-Old Goes Virtually Bald after Tearing Out Her Hair Due to Stress from Lockdown – AmoMama

Amelia Mansie developed a hair-pulling condition amidst the pandemic. It began with her plucking her eyelashes, then pulling her hair because of lockdown-induced stress.
Since the spread of COVID-19, the lives of people around the world have been drastically affected. Implemented lockdowns led to business closures and virtual work and schooling.
Eight-year-old Amelia Mansie was among those indirectly but severely affected. Since the first nationwide lockdown in Bristol, England, Amelia has been pulling out hair from her body.
Eight-year-old Amelia Mansie with the few strands of hair left on her head. | Source: and

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She started by tearing her eyelashes off then progressed to pulling out the hair on her head. Bald spots began to show, and now, the little girl is left with only a few strands at the back of her head. Her mom, Jemma, shared:
“She was all over the place with what was happening with her school because it was so disorganized due to sudden lockdown that no one was prepared for.”
Amelia was later diagnosed with trichotillomania, a hair-pulling condition, which her mother believes was induced by stress from the lockdown. Being locked in at home without face-to-face contact with friends and family took a toll on the young girl.
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In addition, being homeschooled was a big change she had to adapt to. At present, going out without a wig or a head wrap is impossible for Amelia, especially with bullies picking on her for her hair loss. Jemma added:
“It’s been very emotional as her mum to watch her go through this. I know that she is still beautiful and amazing regardless, but when I am washing her head it makes me so sad for her.”
Amelia is aware of her condition but refuses to talk about it. Jemma sometimes distracts her daughter from pulling out her hair but realizes that calling her out is no help.
According to Jemma, the stress-induced condition changed her daughter from a happy and friendly little girl to a quiet introvert who isolates herself.
While their family has been looking for treatments to help with Amelia’s condition, it has been difficult. Amelia is currently seeing her school therapist and seeking help from a hypnotherapist.
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Their family was told that Amelia would “grow out of the habit” eventually when school returned. Jemma also bought her daughter fidget toys to help with the stress. Fortunately, Amelia’s school has been supportive and extended the help that they could provide. 
Recently, a teenage girl in the UK with another rare condition made headlines. According to reports, the 17-year-old suffered from “Rapunzel syndrome,” which caused her to eat her hair.
A doctor holding a patient’s hand at a hospital. | Source: Shutterstock
After a massive hairball tore through her stomach walls, the teen underwent surgery to save her life. Among her other mental health struggles is trichotillomania.
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