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AEW Rampage Results: Orange Cassidy Defeats Jack Evans In Hair vs. Hair Match (10/01) – The Overtimer

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Matt Hardy is sick of Orange Cassidy. He wants to humiliate him – and thus challenged him to a hair vs. hair match. No, he’s not risking his hair – instead TH2 member Jack Evans will battle Cassidy. If he loses, he will now be bald. At Least it’d make him more aerodynamic. Who gets a haircut?
Evans wasn’t sure about this, but he trusted Matt Hardy. He’s wagered his hair in the past down in Mexico. However, Orange Cassidy didn’t know what the match even was. Didn’t care either. Just hope he wins. Hardy would run an early distraction on OC, before Evans grabbed a roll up for a two count.
With hands in pockets, OC would dodge Evans with ease, before getting a roll up. OC grabbed OC by his hair, spun him around and sent him flying. Hardy yanked OC out of the ring and hit a punch to the face. Evans would hit a spinning roundhouse kick off the apron, before a 450 Splash.
OC made it back into the ring before getting counted out, only to take a brainbuster in the ring. He’d try to avoid another suplex, before Evans got an inside cradle for a two count. A back handspring elbow strike into the corner did some damage, and Evans would distract the referee as Hardy beat up OC on the outside.
Back in the ring, Evans got a bit too fancy and was dumped hard to the outside. OC would hit a dive onto Matt Hardy, before another to Evans. Thrown back into the ring, OC would hit the crossbody, but Evans rolled through for a two count. The standing Skytwister Press missed, but Evans countered the DDT into a Northern Lights Suplex & Michinoku Driver.
Evans hit the Skytwister, but OC survived and got the DDT. Diving DDT would follow, but Evans managed to kick out. The Hardy Family Office started to make their way to the ring, but Best Friends were there to block Butcher & The Blade. However, HFO has more. Dark Order would side with Best Friends – and in the ring Evans was dropped with Orange Punch.
A very fun match, one of the better showings from Jack Evans in AEW. Orange Cassidy is always fun Match Rating: 3/5 (***)
Will Matt Hardy dare to step back into the ring against Orange Cassidy? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.
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