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ITZY is ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’ in a Gen Z aesthetic music video for ‘LOCO’ –

I’m gettin’ LOCO, LOCO
ITZY has finally released their first full studio album “CRAZY IN LOVE” with its lead single “LOCO” on September 24, 2021 at 1 P.M. KST, along with a stunning music video. 
“CRAZY IN LOVE” marks the 5-member girl group’s successful return to promotions after promotions of their previous EP “Guess Who”, and a South Korean release before their Japanese debut under Warner Japan. The album consists of sixteen songs, including an English version of its lead single, “LOCO”. 
“LOCO” is described in an article by Soompi as a “neo fusion groove track” that combines the elements of fusion groove, Latin dance, moombahton, and trap beats. Its lyrics talk about a rollercoaster of emotions thanks to the feeling of love. 
MIDZYs around the world also went “LOCO” for ITZY’s comeback, promotions, and visuals. And truthfully speaking, they’re not wrong.
ITZY LOCO sounded like a Phineas and Ferb Song, and I came to the conclusion that it reminded me of Busted by Candace Flynn and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz
— archive (@ArchiveJuju) September 24, 2021

#ITZY's first comeback promotion for 'LOCO' on KBS Music Bank ❤
— 𝐢𝐜 (@lov4itzy) September 24, 2021

— ✦𝗷 𝗼 𝘆 𝘃 𝗲 ⚡¹²⁽⁷⁾ ✜ (@joyvekth) September 24, 2021

This is insane! How do they manage to get better, bolder and stronger each comeback! Another masterpiece for ITZY! These sets, the wardrobe, hairstyle, vocals, choreo, the song, the transitions, the entire productions, so aesthetic! Like WTF! #itzy #ITZY_LocoComeback #LOCO
— nappy🐶 (@snappiesolooo) September 24, 2021

loco was so good i think its impossible for itzy not to make a bop
— em♡ (@orchidchae) September 24, 2021

ITZY was honestly insane for this comeback, and their entire album is fire. 
Watch their bold and colorful MV here.
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